Olivia Rodrigo always meets the description of “great for her age” The Guts Tour confirms this



Olivia Rodrigo is the most rapidly growing rock ‘n’ roll star of her time. She started an arena tour in support of “Guts,” her follow-up album that shot her back to the top of album charts worldwide, just a few days after turning 21.

The victory is all the more sweeter because “Guts” went on to appear on year-end critics’ lists from Rolling Stone, Vogue, and Pitchfork, the sister publication of GQ.

They say she’s having a bit of a moment. And to be clear. She deserves it.

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One of the most inspirational rock albums of the previous year was “Guts,” which fulfilled the expectations set by “Sour,” the quadruple-platinum hit that heralded her arrival and delivered the world “Drivers License,” “Deʁjà vu,” and “Brutal.”.. ”

Rodrigo is doing a great job of questioning what it means to be the smart person’s it girl already.

“When am I gonna stop being great for my age and just start being good?” she asks in the heartbreaking closing track of her second album, “Teenage Dream,” a bittersweet ballad.

For her age, Olivia Rodrigo has performed above average.
Naturally, the response is that she was already better than good when she recorded “Drivers License,” the heartbreaking hit that started it all, at the age of 17, and has since stopped being exceptional for her age.

Every Track From Olivia Rodrigo’s Debut Album Has Reached the Top 40 of the Hot 100

When Rodrigo appeared in Phoenix the last time, she was 19 years old, on her first headlining tour, and had only one hit record to her credit. She was obviously thrilled to be experiencing the adoration of a completely sold-out audience that was singing along to every word in the Arizona Financial Theatre.

In less than two years, she has advanced to arenas, where she performed admirably at her second Guts World Tour show at Footprint Center—a larger venue than the initial night, incidentally.

Hanging moons, dancers, and sheer magnetism made the concert unforgettable.

Rodrigo exudes a humble, endearing charm that gives her ballads the unadulterated passion they need and her rockers the attitude and individuality those songs deserve. With passion to spare, she joyfully mocked the sing-along chorus of “All-American Bitch,” the song that brought her show to an exhilarating end. Additionally, she maximized the line “It’s brutal out here” from “Brutal.”

Since the last time, she has added a group of dancers to the presentation; nonetheless, let’s talk about those dancers.

One, she made limited use of them. Two, she made deft use of them. When the dancers made their debut four songs in, on “Traitor,” it felt less like “budding rocker hires dancers” and more like punk rockers, goth youngsters, and art students—you know, the outsiders—doing interpretive dance.

Never before have I been as enthralled with a group of dancers at a concert as I was with Rodrigo and her comrades at Footprint Center.

In addition, she carried a crescent moon that was dangling from the ceiling amid a sea of stars. She gave her everything to the delicate ballads “Logical” and “Enough for You,” sitting on that moon as it drifted above the floor seats.

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The ninety-five-minute presentation began with the record title splattered over the screen, followed by a film featuring Rodrigo racing toward a door down a frightening hallway while birthday candles melted.

The riff from “Bad Idea Right?,” the second popular single from “Guts,” opened the show when the real Rodrigo and her musicians arrived on the door. This was soon followed by another standout track from her most recent album, “Ballad of a Homeschooled Girl.”

It’s one of many Rodrigo songs whose boisterous alt-rock vibes harken back to the most infectious parts of Veruca Salt.

This is your opportunity to thank me later if you are unfamiliar with Veruca Salt.

Fans were treated to every song on “Guts” by Olivia Rodrigo

Naturally, this is the Guts World Tour, and by the time the performance ended, she had performed every song from the original album as well as a bonus tune called “Obsessed” from the limited-edition red vinyl version.

That’s how you advertise an album, now.

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Throughout a performance that touched on almost every song you could want to hear at a Rodrigo concert and inspired the loudest, most passionate singalongs I’ve ever heard in all the decades I’ve been reviewing concerts, Rodrigo and her musicians also managed to fit in almost every song from “Sour.”

Her music has that kind of resonance. And with good reason. She is a talented lyricist whose best work uses a potent combination of wit and raw honesty to relate to the human condition.

Throughout a large portion of her performance on Saturday, Rodrigo’s voice was completely overtaken by the sound of her fans enthusiastically singing along.

That is unavoidable, just as the Beatles could not have ordered their yelling fans to quiet down a little.

But when her voice could be heard above the almost 16,000-member choir, she sounded fantastic.

They attended in search of the catharsis that comes from a shared experience with an artist who relates to their feelings over personal experiences with sensitive subjects.

It is quite lovely.

Olivia Rodrigo’s music is unquestionably rock

The concert, like her albums, made the most of a stylistic range that included emotional ballads that hit just as hard without breaking a sweat, from “Vampire” to “Traitor,” and rockers who dispensed with the reckless abandon of punk and the post-Nirvana side of ’90s alt-rock (see the set-closing onslaught of “Brutal,” “Obsessed,” and “All-American Bitch”).

Although her punkish side isn’t quite pop-punk or power pop, I’ve heard both labels used to it. After punk, her rock songs had the same energy as any other respectable rock song.

I’m just happy I was able to see her live if there’s someone bringing rock ‘n’ roll into 2024.

She put together a band for the Guts Tour, and they did an amazing job of balancing that contradiction. From the Dave Grohl-worthy swing of “Bad Idea Right?” to the hyper-caffeinated fills of “Good 4 U,” her drummer killed it. And that guitarist played a string of elegant yet striking solos.

After five songs, Rodrigo remained sitting for a subdued sing-along of “Drivers License” and “Teenage Dream,” which she claimed to have written just a few days before turning 19.

“I was terrified of growing up and everything I thought that meant at the time,” the woman recalled.

She then decided to lighten the mood by mentioning that it was her birthday recently.

She joked that she was having her “first drop of alcohol ever” and said, “I don’t know if you guys know this, but I actually just turned 21 a few days ago.” She continued, “I just want to say that I think life gets better and better.”

She then launched into a poignant rendition of “Teenage Dream,” which included the phrase “Yeah, they all say that it gets better, it gets better, but what if I don’t?” Old home videos of a young Rodrigo discovering how to dream accompany the song.

In the annals of rock ‘n’ roll, very few performers have positioned themselves to mature as gracefully and magnificently as Rodrigo has over her first two decades of life.

Nearing the conclusion of her performance, she reduced the ensemble to just herself and one guitarist, who picked up an acoustic guitar to accompany the star on a beautifully subdued reading of “Happier” and “Favorite Crime.”

It takes a remarkable balancing act to be able to switch from a “Favorite Crime” to a “Brutal,” but Rodrigo has shown that she is up to the task.

Setlist for Olivia Rodrigo in 2024: All the songs she sang during the Guts Tour stop in Phoenix

This is a list of all the songs Olivia Rodrigo performed on Saturday, February 24, 2024, at Footprint Center in Phoenix.

  • “Bad Idea Right?”
  • “Ballad Of a Homeschooled Girl”
  • “Vampire” “Traitor” “Drivers License” “Teenage Dream”
  • “Pretty Isn’t Pretty”
  • “Love Is Embarrassing” “Making the Bed” “Logical”
  • “Enough For You”
  • “Lacy”
  • “Jealousy, Jealousy” “Happier”
  • “Favorite Crime”
  • “Deja Vu” “The Grudge”
  • Band Interlude (With Some “Brutal” Elements)
  • “Brutal” “Obsessed”
  • “All-American Bitch”
  • “Good 4 U”
  • “Get Him Back!”