Who Is Olivia Frazer? Here Is All You Need To Know!



Olivia Frazer revealed further details about the end of her relationship with Jackson Lonie in a video that she uploaded to Instagram Live on Friday. The video was Olivia’s second explanation for the split.

To be more specific, she mentioned that their adult movies that were uploaded to OnlyFans can still be viewed online.

Despite the fact that they broke up on Monday, the exes, who made headlines when they originally opened their individual OnlyFans accounts, have not deleted the videos and images that they filmed together on OnlyFans.

What Did Olivia Reveal On Her Instagram Reels

Olivia confirmed the surprise revelation on her Instagram, after which she emphasised that she has no problem with potential future partners viewing the adult-only footage that she recorded with Jackson. Olivia’s post was accompanied by a caption that read, “I have no problem with this.”

Olivia Frazer

“If a potential future lover of mine says something to the extent of “omg you were with a man before me,” then he is not the proper guy for me and we should not pursue a romantic relationship. That has absolutely no bearing on my concerns,” She was the one who disclosed it.

What About Her OnlyFans Videos

In addition, Olivia indicated that she has no plans to remove the X-rated films that she and Jackson have uploaded to OnlyFans, and she added that she is “kind of living on OnlyFans” at the moment in order to make money for herself and her family.

After a few moments, viewers saw a very crucial aspect in the background: a photo of her and Jackson’s wedding from the prior season of “The Bachelor” was propped up on Olivia’s bedside table. Jackson had been Olivia’s bachelor during that season.

When asked if things were “rocky” prior to her trip to the United Kingdom, Olivia quickly said “no,” and then she made a sly dig at her former partner afterward.

“Well yeah, he did make out with some female in a seedy club in Melbourne; it wasn’t a fantastic night but we went on from that,” she joked. “It wasn’t a fantastic night but we moved on from that.” “Well okay, he did give some lady in Melbourne a passionate makeout,” you may say.

What About The Rumors Of A Break Up

She also dispelled rumours that he ended their connection with her and said that the decision was made jointly by both parties. She stated that he did not end their relationship.

In a post that they both contributed to on Instagram on Monday, they broke the news that they were going their separate ways. They stated in the statement that no one was “to blame” for their decision and that it was all their own doing.

Olivia Frazer

After that, Olivia admitted that she had initially planned to delay the announcement of her and Jackson’s breakup for “weeks and weeks,” because she didn’t want to have to face the world while she was feeling so devastated by the news. This was because she didn’t want to have to face the world while she was feeling devastated by the news.

How Was The Behavior Of Jackson After Her Decision

According to her, Jackson was “extremely accommodating,” but the pair decided not to wait because they both have trips planned with friends and didn’t want to be put in any “compromising positions.” She also stated that Jackson was “quite accommodating” in his response.

She made a further allusion to the cheating issue and stated that she wouldn’t want photographs to be published online because she believes that doing so would generate even more friction between her and Jackson. She said that she wouldn’t want images to be published online.

Olivia remarked earlier in the Live that she had no problem with Daniel Holmes announcing his divorce from Carolina Santos on the same day that she and Jackson revealed that they had broken up. This statement was made in reference to the earlier portion of the Live. Earlier on in the Live broadcast, this confirmation was presented.

What Are Other Issues In Their Relationship She Shared

In response to comments from fans that she “looked like she’d been sobbing,” Olivia acknowledged that she hasn’t been sleeping well “without Jack,” despite the fact that she and Jack are still living together. She made this confession in response to the observation that she “looked like she’d been sobbing.”

Olivia Frazer

She added that she was “trying to get out” of the property that they had rented together, and she went on to indicate that she intended to “couch surf with some friends” until she was able to acquire a rental property of her own. The property in question had been rented by the two of them jointly.

Is She Having A Dog As A Pet

She also said that she will soon be the proud owner of a French bulldog puppy that she will name Stella and that this news came as a surprise to her. Stella will act as her “sassy sidekick” as she works through the aftermath of the breakup.

“I’m definitely going to need something that’s going to drive me out of the darkness,” she said to her followers, indicating that Stella will assist her in overcoming the melancholy that has been brought on by the breakup. “I’m definitely going to need something that’s going to drive me out of the darkness,” she said to her followers.