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Official Place to Enjoy Wayne Season 2


David Mudd

Do you love to enjoy dark comedy action television series? If your response is yes, then exactly you are at right place. Here is everything that you would like to know about the 2nd Season of Wayne in brief……

Wayne is one of the interesting American dark comedy actions streaming television series. This series follows a teenage boy who sets out to get back the stolen car of his late father by the help of his crush who is a girl.


The 1st Season of Wayne was added on 6th November, 2020 to Amazon Prime Video that renewed speculation which could be renewed for the 2nd Season of Wayne.

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After the premiere of the pilot (the 1st Season) season of Wayne, I’m sure all of you (Okay not all most of you) are seriously excited to know everything about the 2nd Season of Wayne. If you are one of them then you will get all the recent updates of the series …………….

Here are all the recent updates of the 2nd Season of Wayne like what we can expect from the story, who plays the leading role, when will it come on our screen, where all the fans can watch it etc…………………

Start scrolling down………………….

Wayne Season 2

As I already mentioned above that Wayne Season 2 is an American dark comedy action streaming television series. It is created by Shawn Simmons and premiered on YouTube Premium on 16th January, 2019.

The stars of the series are Mark McKenna as the main character, Ciara Bravo and Joshua J. Williams. Let’s have a sharp look over the 2nd Season of Wayne in depth to know more about the series…………

Wayne Season 2: The Release Date| When will it premiere?

The series called Wayne was cancelled after the 1st Season on 16th August, 2019. As per this, there won’t be any Season 2 for Wayne which surely disappointing news for the lovers of the series who are eagerly waiting for it……………. Despite the cancellation by its network, Wayne took place on Amazon Prime and came in November, 2020……………………


If the series manages to complete the renewal criteria of Amazon Prime and does get renewed then it is expected that the 2nd Season of Wayne will come sometime in 2022 or later……………….

All the fans have to wait for the 2nd Season to be on their screen………………

The Names of the Casting Characters of Wayne Season 2

  • Mark McKenna as Wayne McCullough
  • Ciara Bravo as Delilah “Del” Luccetti
  • Stephen Kearin as Sergeant Stephen Geller
  • James Earl as Officer Jay Ganetti
  • Dean Winters as Bobby Luccetti
  • Jon Champagne as Carl Lucetti
  • Jamie Champagne as Teddy Lucetti
  • Mike O’Malley as Principal Tom Cole
  • Joshua J. Williams as Orlando Hikes
  • Francesco Antonio as Reggie
  • Kirk Ward as Calvin Clay
  • Michaela Watkins as Maureen McNulty
  • Sean Patrick Dolan as Darren
  • Thomas Mitchell Barnet as Scott
  • Patrick Gallagher as Mr. Hernandez
  • Maxwell McCabe-Lokos as Eric
  • Zoé De Grand’Maison as Jenny
  • Odessa Adlon as Trish
  • Harrison Tanner as Stick
  • Akiel Julien as Gill
  • Jack Foley as Orande

Above given are the names of the leading, recurring and guest stars of the series that made the series demanding among the fans…………………

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What happen in the 2nd Season of Wayne?| The Plot

In the 1st Season of Wayne witness bears a lot of violence and the finale of the season was a big punch in the gut for all the audience. The anti- hero may win the battle against his gator owning enemy named Reggie and finally got his father’s lost car back.


The family of Del and the authorities caught up with them. He is getting dragged back up by the cops to Brockton. But Shawn Simmons confirmed to Inverse that the 2nd Season of Wayne will begin with Wayne in juvie.

He said that, “”The complete season’s about Wayne is trying to go straight, trying to earn back Del, and find the peace he deserves.” Does it mean that he might break out of jail only for her? He is trying to clean his act to get on Del’s father’s good side.

Wayne Season 2: The Trailer

The IMDb Rating of Wayne

Wayne got good reviews from the fans as it received the IMDb Rating as 8.4 out of 10.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Wayne get cancelled?

The show is not officially cancelled by YouTube but its network was cancelled. The show might be accepted by Amazon Prime.

I think to be entertained; one should have a look over an American action adventure fantasy film called Live Action Hercules.

How many seasons of Wayne are there?

At present there is only 1 Season of Wayne. If it will premiere on Amazon Prime then it will have total 2 Seasons.

Final Words

Wayne Season 2 is an American dark fantasy action TV series which will have only chance to come on Amazon Premiere. Its own network was cancelled. If it will renew then may come in 2022 or later then it…………….