October Faction Season 2 Cancelled on Netflix!


David Mudd

Horror and supernatural dramas are the loves of many people and all are waiting to watch new shows and series on Netflix. And here we also came with one of the horror American Supernatural dramas which is created by Damian Kindler and titled October Faction based on the comic name October Faction.

It is one among the shows on Netflix original which is loved by the audience and its fans which aired its first season in January 2020 and now wait for the second season. So what is the status of this American horror drama October Faction, will it come for season 2 or not? Is the show cancelled by Netflix and if yes then why?

The answers to all your questions are given in this article and here I want to tell all of you that October Faction is cancelled for season 2 which is sad news for all of one.

October Faction Season 2

And I Know, that you feel sad by knowing this news about this series but it was decided by the network to pull out the series after season 1 but don’t worry if one series is gone then another will come up with new interesting stories and it’s an ongoing process.

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I have to make clear to all the fans that there are no chances for the return of the season 2 of October Faction and it was made clear back in 2020 in March that the series is not coming back for a new season as it was cancelled.

Is there any possibility for October Faction to be picked by another platform in near future, as the future holds something different for this series?

Let’s move forward to know more about October Faction Season 2.

October Faction Season 2: Release Date

October Faction Season 2

The bad news for all the fans that season 2 is not coming as it was cancelled back in 2020.

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October Faction Season 2 Cancellation Reason?

The story behind the series is amazing but what happened was that Netflix cancelled the series after its first season. Why they not renew it for one more season?

According to Hollywood Reporters and other sources it was heard that the show is cancelled with one other season named V-Wars which are based on IDW Comics properties.

As we all know, it has an interesting plot and was well received by the viewers but on Rotten Tomatoes it received 49% only which is still better than 33% of the critics.

Among the three seasons ie. are V-Wars, The October Faction and Locke and Key only Locke and key is given the second chance to renew its new seasons and Netflix now or presume that for these three series they have the same audience or similar one so it was decided that only one series is picked to renew further for its season 2 and that is Locke and Key and the other two are cancelled at that time.

You can also watch these two other series on Netflix.

What is the plot of October Faction?

October Faction is a story revolving around a couple who have teenage twins and they both are monsters hunters or the secret agents to save humanity from these creators or beasts.

The story follows a husband and wife named Fred and Deloris Allen and their school going kids Geoff and Viv. They go to their family house for the funeral when they hear that Samuel, Fred’s father, passed away.

October Faction Season 2

So they go to Barrington on Hudson and Fred is behaving differently as the past comes to remind like arguments with his parents, death of his siblings and many things due to which Fred is seen frustrated and hesitant.

After this his children started seeing things as they got extraordinary powers and Viv saw a long haired animal which is chained to the ocean bottom or floor and that animal is trying to free itself.

And Geoff also sees that he is revealing the secrets of her teacher among his schoolmates. Even the couples are living normal lives with disclosing their identities to their children and anyone but the things started to uncover when these things are going to happen.

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Is there Any Trailer for October Faction Season 2?

No, there is no season 2 trailer for this series as it was cancelled but you can enjoy its season 1 trailer which is given here-

I hope you will like this series as it has an amazing plot and this horror series is loved by many people.

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