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Oceans Eleven: Will We Get a Final Installment?


Sandeep Singh

The Ocean’s Eleven franchise has been one of the most successful movie franchises in recent memory, with two sequels and spin-offs to its name. With its incredible cast, creative storylines, casino adventures, and thrilling heists, this series is a fan favorite for many.

But will we be getting a final installment? While nothing concrete has been announced yet, fans have been speculating on whether or not an official announcement from director Steven Soderbergh is imminent.

Will ‘Oceans Eleven’ Get a Fourth Movie?

The mastermind behind the Ocean trilogy, Stephen Soderbergh, is “considering” creating another Ocean’s Eleven sequel with the original ensemble. The Ocean trilogy began in 2001 with Ocean’s Eleven, Steven Soderbergh’s recreation of the 1960 film of the same name. Soderbergh later directed the two Ocean sequels, Ocean’s Twelve, released in 2004, and Ocean’s Thirteen, released three years later in 2007, before leaving the franchise to pursue new endeavors.

The likelihood of another Ocean’s featuring the original cast decreases as time passes.

We’ve also lost stars Carl Reiner and Bernie Mac in the years after Ocean’s Thirteen was released. However, it appears that Soderbergh has not abandoned the possibility of resurrecting the franchise at some point in the future. According to Don Cheadle’s statement, the director has even approached him regarding another installment with the original cast.

In addition to Don Cheadle, it appears that Matt Damon, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Casey Affleck, Qin Shaobing, Scott Caan, Eddie Jemison, and Elliott Gould comprise the majority of the Ocean’s team.

Speculating About Where an Oceans Eleven Final Installment Would Pick Up From

If an Oceans Eleven final installment were to be made, it would likely pick up from the events of the previous two films. We could expect to see Danny Ocean and his team of con artists reunite for one last heist.

This time, they may have their sights set on a much bigger target than before. Perhaps they will attempt to steal something worth billions of dollars or even more. The stakes would be higher than ever before, and the team would need to develop an even more elaborate plan to pull off this seemingly impossible task. We can also expect special appearances from the 2018-spin off, Ocean 8.

It’s possible that we could also see some new characters join the team as well, adding a fresh dynamic and allowing for some interesting plot twists along the way. Whatever happens, it’s sure to be an exciting ride!

Looking at the Box Office Successes of Previous Oceans Films and What it Could Mean for a Final Installment

The Oceans franchise has been a box-office success since its inception, with each installment grossing more than the last. The first film in the series, Oceans Eleven, was released in 2001 and grossed over $450.7 million worldwide. Its sequel, Oceans Twelve, was released three years later and earned over $362.9 million at the global box office. The third installment of the franchise, Oceans Thirteen, was released in 2007 and earned an impressive $311.7 million worldwide.

The success of these films could mean that a potential fourth installment would be just as successful, if not more so. With such a massive fan base already established for this franchise, any new release would likely draw large crowds to theaters worldwide.

Additionally, with each film being better received than its predecessor at the box office, it is possible that a fourth installment could break records for the series and become one of the highest-grossing films ever made.

At this time, it is unknown if there will be a final installment of Oceans Eleven. Fans of the franchise should stay tuned for any updates or announcements.