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Ocean’s 12 Ending Explained: Netflix’s Ocean’s 12 ends with a twist that reveals the main protagonists’ true feelings. In Steven Soderbergh‘s 2004 film, corporate billionaire Terry Benedict (Andy Garcia) plots revenge on Danny Ocean (George Clooney) and his gang, who stole $160 million from him in Ocean’s 11. The franchise is based on Lewis Milestone’s 1960 spy film starring “The Rat Pack” (Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Peter Lawford, and Joey Bishop).

Benedict helps Danny’s team pay off their debts in Ocean’s Twelve. The “Night Fox” thwarts their Amsterdam heist. Catherine Zeta-Jones plays Europol detective Isabel Lahiri. She warns Danny and the others not to disturb the Night Fox, the son of LeMarc.

At the beginning of Ocean’s Twelve’s second act, Danny’s team discovers that the Night Fox is Baron Francois Toulour, a Frenchman (Vincent Cassel). Baron Toulour is angry that his mentor didn’t recognize him as the best thief in the world, so he is the Night Fox. So, Toulour tries to build up his family name by having a friendly competition with Danny. The goal was to steal the Imperial Coronation Egg from the made-up Galleria D’Arte di Roma in the city of Rome.

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Ocean’s Twelve’s final act begins with Julia Roberts’s Tess Ocean getting paid to portray herself in Rome. Danny’s crew distracts to steal the egg and leave a digital copy. After several team members are jailed, Toulour appears to have won the challenge, denying Danny and his team the money they need to repay Benedict. Tess and Danny allege Toulour grabbed a copy and Ocean’s crew prevailed in the final twist. Ocean’s Twelve finishes as follows.

How Night Fox’s Long Scam Works?

In Ocean’s Twelve, Toulour wants to make Danny look bad and impress LeMarc, who is Danny’s mentor. LeMarc’s long ruse begins when he praises Danny’s Ocean’s Eleven Vegas theft to an American employee but doesn’t appreciate his protege. Toulour then brags to Danny’s gang about a heist he’ll pull in Amsterdam. He then waits for individuals to approach him out of curiosity to challenge them. Toulour will pay Benedict’s bills if Danny steals the Coronation Egg first.

How The Real Egg Heist In Ocean’s Twelve Was Done?

Danny’s long scam starts six days before the heist of the Rome museum. He and Rusty Ryan (Brad Pitt) go to Paris, where they meet the mysterious LeMarc, who tells them about Toulour’s plans. For almost a week, the Ocean’s crew has led the other teams. From Gare du Nord station, LeMarc will backpack the real egg to Rome. Ocean’s team boards the train and distracts. Linus Caldwell (Matt Damon) switches backpacks to take the egg while everyone is busy.

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Isabel tells Tom halfway through Ocean’s Twelve that LeMarc stole the Coronation Egg in 1980, which is important because about two dozen other people had tried and failed. But LeMarc’s wife pretty much forced him to give the money back. So, in Ocean’s Twelve, Danny steals the real egg to make up for a mistake he made in the past. This gives LeMarc the chance to work with Danny, who is arguably the best thief in the world. In this way, LeMarc shows that the Night Fox is the real target and that he needs to get his head in check. By the end of the movie, it’s clear who has the most power. Danny is the modern master, but LeMarc is the real master. LeMarc’s reputation has been hurt, but not destroyed.

Why The Fake Faberge Egg Was Taken?

Danny’s team knows that Toulour will always be watching them, so at LeMarc’s request, they put on “a very complicated show.” They also need to throw Isabel off and stop her from arresting them. So, at first, the team plans to use a fake hologram egg. When Tess is asked to act like Julia Roberts, their fake performance becomes even more ridiculous. When the plan seems to go wrong and Isabel steps in to make her big arrest, it turns out that the FBI agent in charge is actually Linus’s mother, Molly (Cherry Jones).

He boasts at Toulour’s house that he took the egg days before it was displayed. He climbed the museum without Danny’s bickering recon crew seeing him. Then, thanks to his athleticism, he was able to avoid a laser field. The Night Fox only had to watch Danny’s crew to ensure nothing unusual happened. The irony is that many unusual things happened, yet Danny and his friends’ goals looked regular.

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Who LeMarc Really Is?

The late Albert Finney played LeMarc, who turns out to be Isabel’s father. In the beginning of the movie, Danny asks Rusty why he’s been talking to Isabel, a detective, and finds out that Isabel’s father was a thief.

Rusty says that the man got “popped” the day before his nine-year-old daughter’s birthday and later died in jail. Isabel, ironically, becomes an expert on LeMarc as an adult. This may be because she wanted to learn more about how her father thought, even though she never really knew him. At the end of Ocean’s Twelve, Isabel meets LeMarc, her long-lost father, and finds out the truth.

How Danny Ocean And His Team Got Rid Of Night Fox?

In Ocean’s Twelve, Danny Ocean and his companions defeated the Night Fox by exploiting his self-centeredness. Danny is ahead of them since LeMarc told him before they met at the property in Italy. Then, the Ocean’s crew just has to act normal. Toulour thinks he’s won, so he teases Danny’s crew and watches them tumble. The Night Fox makes pride-based decisions throughout. LeMarc, working alongside Danny’s gang, teaches his apprentice that pride leads to failure.

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