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Ocean 14 or Ocean 8 Which One has Released?

Ocean 14

You can now be relaxed and not put much stress on yourself, as we took care of it, and you will get the answer to this troubling question right here.

But before we go on, do you love Heist money?

It isn’t about “Money Heist” (which could be your favourite series)

But here we are talking about the heist, that is, robbery. I‘ll frankly tell you that movies/series, which are dedicated to robbery and thefts, seem intriguing to me. What about you?

Since you’re here in search of Ocean’s 14 or Fourteen, it is highly likely that you too probably hold a fine desire for heist cinema!

One such Heist movie I have watched is Ocean. If you have watched it already, you can very well understand how I will about it. But If you haven’t watched the movie, you must go and watch it right away (no hurry, you can still complete this article, though).

Before proceeding ahead, I would like you to please comment on your favorite scene from Ocean’s trilogy. And please skip the dancing and avoiding detection rays scene performed by the lead role’s opponent during a bet, as that’s the best scene of the trilogy, and the comments section may become monotonous!

Wait Wait!! I will give you reasons to watch the series in the coming section, so just keep on reading, my friend.

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Ocean’s Trilogy Series: Overview

It is a collection of American heist trilogy directed and produced by Steven Soderbergh. Originally, the trilogy was written by Ted Griffin and George Nolfi. The trilogy first premiered in 2001 and 3rd in 2007.

Apart from being a blockbuster at the box office, this movie also turned out to be a milestone for heist category movies. This niche wasn’t really taken seriously prior to Ocean’s trilogy as such scripts never made it ‘BIG’ when it came to box office earnings, but this mindset was soon changed after Ocean’s eleven made 160 million USD!

While most of us think the idea and story are completely new and original, the film is actually inspired by a 1960 heist film with a similar title ‘Ocean’s 11’.

Ocean 11: Plot

Oceans 11 is based on the 1960 Rat Pack, with three renditions till now, Ocean’s eleven was launched in 2001. You can see many reputed actors and actresses in the Ocean series. In Ocean 11, you can see the Master Thief Danny Ocean getting out of prison with a plan of Las Vegas three-casino heist so that he can win his ex-wife back.

For this heist they plan to execute, he recruits 10 thieves and con men to help him execute the plan in full swing. Danny Ocean was successful in stealing US $160 million.

Ocean 12: Plot

But in Ocean Twelve, you will see some twists, where things don’t go as expected. In ocean 12 the ocean’s team is blackmailed by the casino owner from whom the money was stolen. Terry Benedict asks him to pay $198 million. But they stole only $160 million, right? 

Yes, you are right, but Benedict asked for loot money plus the interest of it. To pay back the stolen amount, the team is given two weeks time, hence to pay this hefty amount, they execute three heists. 

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Ocean’s 8 (2018): Spin-off

After more than a decade gap, the makers finally released a spin-off of the original Ocean’s trilogy in 2018. If we talk about the initial statement of Soderbergh and George Clooney in 2006, it was clear that there was no possibility of Ocean’s Fourteen or any sequel after the death of Bernie Mac in 2008, who played the character, Frank Catton. 

But now they are thinking of Ocean’s Eleven Spin-off with an all-female cast. It will be led by Sandra Bullock as the sister of George Clooney’s Danny Ocean. 

This spin-off is given the title:- Ocean’s Eight and was released on June 8, 2018. 

It was at the top of the trending comedy movie list of 2018.

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Wrapping- Up

So as far as Ocean 14 is concerned, there will be no such season, but the sequel of Ocean 11 was released in 2008 with the name of Ocean 8. 

If you have not watched this all-female spin-off then you should run and watch this amazing art. For more factual and interesting information about the series/movie that you love on our website. 

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