Obsidian Bride Chapter 23 Release Date: Where to Read That Manga?



Now the wait is over! The writers of a popular manga series named Obsidian Bride are finally going to publish the next new installment which is chapter 23. There is also speculation and spreading of rumors on various social media platforms.

Through this exploration, I have delved into all the official information associated with the release of Obsidian Bride Chapter 23 so far. Let’s take a deep dive into this post.

Obsidian Bride Chapter 23 Release Date

Those who are eagerly waiting for the Obsidian Bride Chapter 23 manga may feel happy to hear that it will be released as soon as on 14th December 2023. However, this upcoming chapter will indeed answer all the questions that are left to be answered in the previous chapter.

Obsidian Bride Chapter 23

It is an irrefutable fact that the next chapter will bring some twists to the storylines to keep captivating the audience. But till this do not get bored, read The Dilettante Chapter 46. what do you think about it? Have you already read that manga before?

Obsidian Bride Chapter 23 Release Time

Here’s the international schedule for Obsidian Bride Chapter 23 as per different regions:

Different Country Different Time zone
USA/ Canada (PST) 07:00 A.M
USA/ Canada (EST) 10:00 A.M
UK/ Ireland (GMT) 03:00 P.M
Europe (CET) 04;00 P.M
India 08:30 P.M
Australia 02:00 A.M

Obsidian Bride Chapter 23 Plotlines

In Chapter 22 of “Obsidian Bride,” Jade, the main character, grapples with challenging decisions while navigating the treacherous landscape of politics and intrigue. Read the new upcoming manga plotlines, Falling For Danger Chapter 21.

Balancing her deep commitment to her country, regarded as her foremost duty, proves to conflict with her affection for the individual who has captivated her. To find equilibrium between these conflicting responsibilities, she is compelled to make difficult choices about her future.

Obsidian Bride Chapter 23 Major Spoilers

The plot of Obsidian Bride holds promise, and Chapter 23 weaves a narrative rich in love and dedication. Our mysterious protagonist faces a challenging dilemma, torn between the compelling emotions within her heart and a steadfast commitment to her homeland.

recollections from the preceding chapter resurface, offering a captivating insight into the complex thoughts of our central character. While her affections are directed towards an admirable individual. Do not miss out on the major spoilers of The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 39.

Obsidian Bride Chapter 23

Obsidian Bride Chapter 23 Raw Scan Release Date

There is no particular raw scan release date available as we all are aware of the fact that for each manga the raw scan is released two or three days before the official debut of the manga on our screens. so that, the raw scan of Obsidian Bride Chapter 23 will release on 11 December or 12th of December.

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Where to Watch Obsidian Bride Chapter 23?

if you want to read the latest installment of Obsidian Bride Chapter 23 then you should go through on the Naver platform as this particular manga has found its publishing home on that official and popular platform. If you want to read previous chapters then all the chapters are available on a similar platform.


In conclusion, summarizing all the above-mentioned detailed viewpoints in the subsequent paragraphs in this article so far, Obsidian Bride will be released super soon on our screens. Its upcoming installment has intriguing and captivating storylines.

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