Obsession Release Date Netflix: When Will It Premier?


Saloni Singh

Netflix has announced when its “hot” new English thrill ride series Obsession will be dropping on the help around the world. Here’s everything you really want to be aware of.

The new miniseries, described as a sensual spine chiller, will be coordinated by the couple Glenn Leyburn and Lisa Barros D’Sa (Ordinary Love, Great Vibrations) with Morgan Lloyd-Malcolm and Benji Walters behind the contents.

First announced as Harm, the undertaking has now been renamed and is currently recorded as Obsession. It was first announced in March 2022 during a Netflix UK occasion in London, with the venture coming from Guamont UK and Moonage Pictures.

Moonage Pictures Matthew Read, Frith Tiplady, and Gaumont’s Alison Jackson are chief makers, while veteran Gina Carter creates the series.

The new series adjusts the Josephine Hart 1991 novel of a similar name, previously adjusted into a true to life highlight film from Warner Brothers. in 1992 that featured Jeremy Irons and Juliette Binoche.

The series is expected to have three or four drawn out episodes, making the entire runtime akin to a long theatrical film. It was shot in London, UK, among April and June 2022.

What’s Going On With Obsession on Netflix?

Netflix’s true rundown for the series is as per the following:

“A regarded London specialist’s undertaking with his child’s life partner transforms into a suggestive infatuation that takes steps to change their lives for eternity.”

obsession release date netflix

Assortment extended around the hour of the show’s initial announcement saying (altered for curtness):

“Armitage will play William, a specialist who leaves on an enthusiastic issue with his prospective girl in regulation, Anna.

Anna is already connected with to William’s child Martyn. She battles to keep the two relationships alive – one with Martyn and one with William – yet it is inevitable that reality will arise and somebody is going to get injured.

Meanwhile, William finds himself brought into an over the top winding, unbeknown to his significant other Ingrid.”

Richard Armitage and Charlie Murphy were the initial two names to be joined to the task in March 2022. They’ll play William and Anna Barton, individually.

Armitage is a Netflix normal, as of now, generally regularly known for appearing in a bunch of Harlan Coben variations. He’s additionally as of late been connected to the upcoming one starring Michelle Keegan called Nitwit Me Once.

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Murphy is most popular for her job on Peaky Blinders and most as of late, in Paramount+’s Radiance series.

They were subsequently announced to be joined by Indira Varma (Round of Privileged positions, Obi-Wan Kenobi) as Ingrid, Rish Shah (Ms. Wonder, Emmerdale) as Jay Farrow, Pippa Bennett-Warner (Elden Ring, Posses of London), who will play Peggy, Celine Arden (Bridgerton) as Mimi.

When Will Obsession Release on Netflix?

The total restricted series will be added to Netflix worldwide on April 13th, 2023.

obsession release date netflix

Obsession depends on Josephine Hart’s famous novel Harm about an English lawmaker, who causes his own ruin with an inappropriate relationship.

It was previously transformed into a film by Louis Malle in 1992. The film featured Jeremy Irons, Juliette Binoche, Miranda Richardson and Rupert Graves.

Richardson was nominated for an Oscar and won a BAFTA for her job as the wronged spouse in the film.Obsession recounts the narrative of the baffling Anna Barton (Charlie Murphy) and an unlawful love issue she leaves on with her life partner’s father William (Richard Armitage).

William becomes fixated on their illegal relationship, however keeping their relationship secret is a thrilling and dangerous game.

Netflix describes the series as “thrilling and tempting” and an account of “taboo longing”.

Talking to Hi about the series, Richard Armitage said: “It depends on a splendid book an in love about a man with his child’s life partner and they get into an extremely muddled relationship.

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“I play the father, Rish Shah plays the child, Charlie Murphy plays the life partner and Indira Varma plays my significant other. It’s a really splendid cast, so I can hardly trust that that will air.”

Cast of “Obsession”!

Brenda Tune as Jennifer Williams!

You undoubtedly know Brenda Tune from Disney. She is most popular for her depiction of London Tipton in ‘The Suite Life of Zack and Cody’ and ‘The Suite Life At hand’. Tipton’s personality is noted as one of the Disney Station’s longest continuous characters.

obsession release date netflix

Mike Vogel as Russell Williams!

Vogel is most popular for his work on ‘The Texas Chainsaw Slaughter’, ‘The Sisterhood of the Traveling Jeans’, ‘Grind’, ‘Poseidon’, ‘Blue Valentine’, ‘The Assistance’, ‘Bates Inn’, ‘Cloverfield’, ‘Under the Vault’ and ‘The Case for Christ’.

Makers of The “Obsession”!

‘Secret Obsession’ is coordinated by Peter Sullivan, who is referred to for his work, for example, ‘Secret Society’, ‘Executioner Mountain’, ‘The Ideal Understudy’, ‘A Christmas Proposition’, ‘Termination Point’, and ‘Blind Injustice’ among others.

Obsession: The Trailer!

You can watch the trailer for the film here:

The main trailer for Netflix’s ‘Secret Obsession’ follows the narrative of Brenda Tune’s Jennifer, a love bird who, after a severe assault at a rest stop, just can’t remember what her identity is or anything about her past. She is gotten up clinic by her husband Russell (played by Mike Vogel), however we before long see that not everything is what it resembles.

Ends up, Russell isn’t who he professes to be and the pair has an uneven history to them of some kind. What we don’t comprehend is that Netflix has essentially recounted to the whole story in the actual trailer – there is almost no taken a subtle approach with and we don’t have any idea how we feel about spine chillers like that.

Where To Watch “Obsession”?

Obsession‘ will be accessible to stream on Netflix.


Brenda Tune is going to be back on your screen, yet this time her life isn’t exactly as “suite” as it was in 2008. Another Netflix original film, Secret Obsession, was announced today from the streaming help by means of a full-length trailer. The movie, a show spine chiller coordinated by Peter Sullivan, emerges — shock! — one week from now.

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