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Obama’s Will To Not Retire In Trump’s America


David Mudd


Obamas are the new margdarshaks. They refuse to retire in Trump’s America

Obama’s Legacy

It has been around 3 years since Obama left the grand throne of ruling the country- that too with such ease and complacence.

Nonetheless, last year, every potential candidate in the US presidential election had to stop by his office in order to get his blessings.

Since Barack Obama and Michelle Obama have left home, they have had an afterlife which surpasses anyone else’.

Theirs is the most serene, unlike any other presidential couple that the US history has witnessed.

The People We Admire Most: Obamas and Trumps - WSJ

How They Act

Obama’s beautiful and tranquil image looms not only over his party but also over the mind of the current President, Trump.

The Obama continue to surprise us in every little way possible.

Starting from the Netflix documentary ‘American Factory’ to michelle’s own memoir named ‘Becoming’, they have fascinated us.

Not to forget how they admonished the Democratic party for having acting like a circular firing squad.

And how they addressed the 2020 cohort too! The Obamas bring life to the political scenario of the country.

And in Trump’s rule, the country is  on the verge of reaching 1 lakh deaths. Suave.

Donald Trump meets Barack Obama - five awkward photos - BBC News

What’s To Come

Obama was even then, quick to report this handling and containment as ‘an absolute chaotic disaster’.

He didn’t pick on Trump for the first two years in Office but still managed to criticize him without even taking his name.

Nonetheless, when the Trump administration failed poorly in tackling coronavirus, Obama gave his remarks.

He said that the pandemic has fully torn back the curtain on the idea that so many people in charge really know what they’re doing.

In many ways, Obama matches the former Chinese president Jiang Zemin.

It was believed that Jiang had continued to manage the Chinese Communist party.

All this and the presidency from the background, even after his retirement in 2002.