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Nvidia: Chief Scientist Developed A Low Cost, Open-Source Ventilator


David Mudd

An open-source design for a low-cost ventilator has created by the chief scientist of Nvidia, Bill Dally. Advantages also include with it include the ease of assembling. It is invented as a contribution to the world to fight against the pandemic coronavirus.

Governments are already running to produce more ventilators for the treatments. After all, he developed the design and made it into an actual product just in weeks.

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More About The Dally’s Ventilator (Nvidia)

A proportional solenoid valve and a microcontroller are needed for the design made by Dally. It is also expected to be assembled for a few hundred dollars. Above all, it is just as simple as can be packed into a Pelican carrying case. Besides, can be assembled in minutes. The whole product is made of off-shelf components for $400.


However, it can be reduced up to $100 when it comes to the hands of manufacturers. That cost can be largely reduced again if they use 3D-printed parts. The cost of a traditional ventilator is around 20,000. So, it is clear that the new ventilator is an all level superstar.

The ventilator got tested on a lung simulator. They use the same route used by NASA used to get the ventilator design approved by the FDA. However, the design is ready along with manufacturing costs. But it is kind of impossible to find manufacturers for any product. At this time. Dally says that something like this is a must needed thing if we run out of ventilators. Besides, it will be easy to use and maintain.

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