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Novel Coronavirus Could Bring The End Of President Trump


David Mudd

Conditions Herein It’s a sheer disaster, what’s happening around the world, with millions of people losing their life because of a seemingly unharmed fever that first came out in January. Trump has been at the centre stage of USA.

With 4 months and around 3 lakh dead bodies, The Labor Department reported an increase in unemployment, with a 14.7% steep rise.

Over 20 million jobs have been lost last month solely. What’s alarming is not just this.

Going back, during 1992, the reason George Bush had lost the presidential re-election was because of the economy which had stooped down as low as 7.5%.

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What Might Proceed

That was huge, and now that we see a double surge, I can’t help but think of what’s worse to come.

George Bush had lost to Bill Clinton. Likewise, President Trump could very fairly lose to Joe Biden.

Bush’s stakes were still far too low that time, whereas Trump’s massacre has reached its apparent limit.

And with the entire reopening of states and businesses for kickstarting the economy when the country is still a wreck, is adding up to the boiling point.

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Trump: The Menace Ahead

Trump has, after this, been compared to the most polarising of leaders, including the likes of Presidents Grant and Carter who were governing during the economic crises of 1877.
Then there is President Truman who engaged in a nuclear war, along with President Bush, as mentioned above, who had pretty controversial foreign involvement.
Joe Biden has been doing tremendously well among all groups of people especially after Trump’s failure to keep his own men in the White House, safe from infection, let alone the entire U.S.
Researchers have been persuading Trump to not announce any continuation of normalcy for there could be a possible second wave of Virus.
From what we see, Trump doesn’t seem to take good note of it and if this continues, Lord save us, or even better, may Biden do.