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Northern Rescue Season 2- An Inspirational Story | What happens in it?

We all, as fans, love to see that how fantastic and authentic the drama becomes at the peak of emotions. This show reveals the same instant i.e. how the members of family bring unity to create the best for the family.

I enjoyed the 1st Season of Northern Rescue with my family and it is very exciting moment for me to know more about the next season (Northern Rescue Season 2).

Northern Rescue Season 2 is a Canadian drama television series. It is produced by Don Carmody Television (DCTV). However, it is distributed by CBC Television in Canada and internationally on Netflix.


The first season contains 10 episodes and was debuted on March 1, 2019. Now, it’s time to know about Season 2. So, just scroll and know in brief…..

Season 2 has increased the number of fans as its dramatization makes them hungry for a new show. While watching the show, individuals feel a sense of compassion. So, we are here to tell you all the updates related to the upcoming season.

“Problems are like washing machines. They twist; they spin & knock us around. But in the end we come out cleaner, brighter & better than before”.

The Northern Rescue Season 2 is more about our daily life problems. In this series, William Baldwin acts as a commander of search and rescue, after the death of his wife. Also relocates from Boston who has three children to live with his sister-in-law in the small town of Turtle Island Bay.

In this article, you come to know all the updates of the 2nd Season like the storyline, cast, upcoming date, trailer etc.

Scroll down to check the details about these topics-

What actually happens in the 2nd Season of Northern Rescue? | Plot of Northern Rescue Season 2

It has been the time of approximately 1 year ago, Northern Rescue found its way in March 2019 with the help of Don Carmody Televsion.

The 1st season left the family members in so many troubles. But the next season will come with many twists in their lives.

Well, in Northern Rescue Season 2, the story revolves around a family. The woman of the family has kicked the bucket. Basically, the show demonstrates that when there are different types of individuals living under a single roof, then at that point things are not exceptionally simple or easy to run.


The 2nd Season of Northern Rescue shows us how the family adjusts to the misfortune and how they tackle the situation. Moreover, the members will be shown fighting with all the difficulties and restrictions but at the end wins over the fate.

I am sure that while watching the drama series, you all (Okay, not all most of you) will have a plenty of thoughts regarding this.

Don’t you want to know the name of characters? If you already know, then please mention yourself in the comment box.

Cast/Characters of 2nd Season of Northern Rescue

I remember a drama, which was played last week in my city. It was one of the irritating dramas of that time, but the role and acting done by the characters made that drama fantastic for the viewers.

So, let’s have a look over the main characters of the 2nd Season.

  • William Baldwin as John
  • Kathleen Robertson as Charlie Anders
  • Spencer MacPherson acts behind Scout West
  • Michelle Nolden as Sarah West
  • Evan Marsh as Henry

The above mentioned are the leading characters that make the drama series energetic for all the fans. They make this drama series realistic and help to make you emotional with the flow of story.


They are the only one who is to be appreciated.

Now, the question arises, when it will be on our TV screen? I am so much excited to know because it is very hard to wait for the next season of Northern Rescue.

When the 2nd Season will be on our Screen? |Release Date of Northern Rescue Season 2

This television drama series has not got any kind of green light from Netflix or CBC Gem Network. Therefore, there is no recent update about the occurring of series.

Besides this, one good news is that it may get renewal very soon because the show is not cancelled by both Netflix and its original Network. All the fans can aspect the upcoming date with the revival.

But, as the revival is not happened yet. So, there is no exact release date right now.

As the release date is not certain, so nothing can be expected. Fans are sitting tight with energy for their most loved family show to come soon.

Now, to get indulged in this drama series, I want to watch the trailer. Don’t you want? Give your answer in the comment box.

The Trailer of Northern Rescue Season 2

As I already told you that the release date is not confirmed yet. Therefore, the trailer of the 2nd season is also not released yet.

Moreover, it is very hard to expect any nearby days for the coming of trailer just because of the serious pandemic situation (COVID-19). But, here I am going to share a video of Northern Rescue trailer that may help you to know more about 2nd Season.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Northern Rescue Season 2?

It is a Canadian drama television series.

What is it about?

This series tells about a family that faces all the problems of their life and finally reaches at the winning point.

Final Words

The 2nd Season of Northern Rescue is one of the authentic shows that motivate all the viewers to tackle all the situations of life with full energy.

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