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Normal People: Star Criticizes The Claim That The Show Is Just A “Millennial Love Story”


David Mudd

Some people were saying that the show”Normal People” is just another millennial love story. At last, the show star Paul Mescal himself criticized these claims. The Normal People is the show based on the novel by Sally Rooney. The story follows two teenagers with many differences from Ireland. Mescal Paul plays Connel Waldron in the BBC and Hulu show.

Connell gets to know with Marriane Sheridan played by Daisy Edgar-Jones. Then they get to know more about each other and unable to deny their chemistry and fall in love. Although, their love is continuously tested after a strange incident. In which a childhood friend takes Connel’s life and the secrecies around them. It makes the Connel depressed.

Normal People


Mescal’s Answer To People’s Comment (Normal People)

Mescal says that the word “millennial love story ” can be used for the basic description for the series but there is much more to the story. A novel can’t be described by taking a small portion or part of the whole story. “To be honest, most of the people I know are meeting over apps. That’s not the case with Connell and Marianne” he said.

In Mescal’s words, one cannot put those two into a label like “millennial”. There is something extraordinary about them. A title like that will not describe their character. Besides, both of them have way more interesting sides. Edgar-Jones recently shared her awkward experience happened during the audition and her way to the selection. Besides, Mescal cannot cope with the idea of not being together with Marianne in the story. So, he made his own happy ending in his mind.

Normal People