Noragami Season 3: Is the Anime Canceled?


David Mudd

It’s been more 5 years since the wrap up of Noragami Season 2 & recently some rumors have sparked the possibility of Noragami anime series getting a season 3.

This news alone has spread excitement among the fans.

Fans who were patiently waiting to see Noragami Season 3 one day. But the question remains the same – Are these rumors true? Will there be Noragami Season 3? Well, with this post, I’ll try to address all the concerns and possibility of next season.

But first lets figure out 5 best characters of both the anime series & manga series:

5 Best Noragami Characters of Franchise


Noragami Season 3
Noragami Season 3

Who else can be there at number one except for the story god himself? Yato is the main protagonist of the anime series & he’s the sole reason behind the ruckus happening in both the anime & manga edition.

Yato is a God of Calamity. The word Calamity means an event causing disaster. Well, with his history of battles, wars & assassination, he indeed has that inherent badass vibe in him.

In the anime series, he lives a rather homeless lifestyle. And when things get a bit rough, he never shies away from showing his previous self. He’s a hardcore fighter. So, when going for a fight, fighting tactics, the calculation comes naturally to him.

When I was new to watching Noragami, I mistook Yato to be some kind of Joker as he always looks after number one. Well, that was wrong on my part.

These little things are not the only reason why fans love God of Calamity. He’s always admirable towards others & as the show takes some shape, he becomes dependable t others.

Now, coming to the looks, Yato’s brilliant blue eyes in the anime sets him apart from the rest of the characters. And these eyes are a bonus when he gets mad. Just like any other anime protagonist, his appearance alone can make you fall in love with him. Yato is such a cool character that you won’t be able to stop yourself from cheering him.

Yato cannot be killed or even lethally injured by average means that would normally kill a regular human such as poison, explosions, drowning, being bludgeoned to death, shot to death, and so forth.

To sum it up, Yato isn’t an appealing character at first sight, but once you got to know more about him, you’ll find him to be a cute, kind & funny character. I hope one day, people will recognize him as a god.

Since he is a God of War, Yato is very skilled in the art of combat, such as swordsmanship and spearmanship.This is proven when he won a fight against Takemikazuchi, who is known for his amazing skills in combat. According to Rabō, he used to be even much stronger in the past.


Noragami Season 3
Noragami Season 3

My second favorite character in Noragami anime is Bishamon. Introduced as a Yato’s rival in the anime & manga series, Bishamon is the powerful & sensuous God of War and fortune.

In most parts of the series, Yato & Bishamon can be seen at each other’s throats. Despite all the enmity in his heart for Yuko, Bishamon is the only god that has dedicated her life to protecting her Shinki. Throughout the anime series, you won’t find such a powerful female character. Despite her impressive powers, she has successfully retained her acting & feminity.

And when she wears an all-black outfit, she really stands out as a warrior. An intimidating warrior that rides a lion. That’s pretty impressive. Isn’t it? Her appearance isn’t the only factor that makes her a fearsome warrior. She includes a group of weapons like a whip, two-handed sword, & gun in her armory. And as for her defense, she owns a full suit of battle armor for her protection.

Once again, that’s pretty impressive.

Her relationship with Kazuma is the last of Bishamon’s previous generation of Shinki. As a result, they have been at each other’s side for a long while, and are close companions. Bishamon cares greatly for Kazuma.

She views him not as a subordinate, but as a comrade and a friend, valuing his opinion and listening to his advice. She trusts him greatly.

However, upon discovering that Kazuma assisted Yato in his Purification Ceremony, she declared that he had betrayed her. Still, when given the opportunity to execute him, she hesitated, choosing instead to exile him. She was visibly distraught by his betrayal.

After learning why she forgave Kazuma and released him from exile.

Kazuma also calls her by the pet name “Veena” when talking to her privately. And this is a symbol of their long relationship together.

To sum up Bishamon’s character, she’s a real badass yet beautiful, kind & caring. Despite being one of the strongest gods in the anime series, she’s one of the nicest as she did everything in her power to protect Shinki all the time.


Noragami anime, Yukine noragami, Noragami

My third favorite character in this list is Yukine. The name Yukine means “Sound of Snow.” Well, that’s funny! How this name is given to someone who has a quite loud voice with a brashy attitude.

Just like any other character in this list, there’s one cool thing in him. In a world that’s filled with adults & old ones, he’s great at dealing with all sorts of teenage problems.

He always tries his best to improve himself as he has a strong desire to mature & stand firmly amongst his peers going through a rough patch. Hence, making him a reliable character in the show.

When the anime started,, I hated Yukine, but by the end of Noragami Season 1, his character underwent a major character change. And despite causing a ruckus previously, he had the best character development in the series.

In this process to becoming a fan-favorite character, he sacrificed himself by protecting Yato. Hence, becoming a Blessed Regalia in season 2


Kuraha animedan noragami sasacilo momenti - YouTube

Kuraha is the fourth best character in this list. He’s considered as Bishamon’s second reliable Shinki. His rational & understanding behavior makes him one of the coolest looking Shinki in the anime series. Right behind Kazuma, he’s one of Bishamon’s most notable Shinki.

With some facial hair & an eyepatch, Kuraha dresses like a pirate in his normal form. Once he’s in his Shinki form, his appearance is like a lion & there’s nothing more dangerous than a lion.

In both the anime & manga version, he’s represented as a character that’s loyal & caring towards his comrades.

Kuraha’s shinki form is a lion. In this form, he has light brown fur with a darker brown mane, and his eyes become bright-green.

His physical capabilities in this form exceed those of regular lions – being able to jump to great heights and distances. His vessel name is Kinki.

During one of Bishamonten’s battles with Yato, Kuraha’s right eye is injured by Sekki, rendering it unusable and leaving a vertical scar over it. From that point onward Kuraha keeps his right eye closed while in lion form, and wears an eye patch over it in his human form.


Pin on Noragami

Last but not the least in this list is Kofuku. She’s the goddess of Poverty who belongs to a group of nameless gods. Despite of not getting treated as the same ways as other gods, she’s way powerful than anyone’s imagination.

Kofuku’s power allows her to open portals to the underworld, have bad omens follow her no matter what. That’s just the starters. Her main ability is to destroy good luck, & Good fortune of the Seven Gods of Fortune. That’s way too powerful, isn’t it? These abilities are the reason why she’s infamous among the gods of heaven.

After gathering all her powers, she’s powerful enough to defeat the Goddess of War, Bishamonten.

The biggest demonstration of her power was when she used her powers to force open a vent & summer a huge amount of Darkness.

Throughtout the anime series, I considerd, her as my second favorite female character right after Bishamon.

Kofuku is known to have a bright and mischievous personality, similar to Yato. She’s described as a bit of a dunce airhead; carefree and openly stating that she likes to have fun (and sometimes cause chaos). However, Daikoku keeps her from doing anything too hectic. She is very loving to those she’s close to, treating Daikoku more like a companion/spouse than a servant.

Kofuku is also shown to have a serious side and isn’t afraid to intimidate and challenge others regardless of who they are, as proven when she threatens Bishamonten when the safety and presence of Yato are called under question.

Though she shows a personality relative to an airhead, it’s shown through a plethora of interactions with Yukine and Hiyori that she is very aware of the world and the dangers that lurk out in the open.

Noragami Manga vs. Anime: Which one is Better?

I’ve binge-watched the Noragami anime series & read its manga chapters. And the one thing I straightaway noticed was the character of Yato. The manga Yato is more of a clingy character which makes him a bit off as compared to the anime version.

Noragami Season 1 & Season 2 had a total of 25 episodes. Even though all these episodes follow the story of the manga series but its ending was messed up for some as the writer opted for an original ending. An ending that’s completely different from the manga version.

That’s why after watching the anime series, I was curious to know what happened by the end of its manga series.

In terms of comparison, Noragami anime & manga series are nearly perfect in their aspects. Apart from the anime ending, everything matched up t the level of the manga. In fact, the anime series did an excellent job in adapting the manga.

This execution would not have been possible without the animation, awesome music, & voice actors. Everything was top notch.

There’s only a single exception. In terms of story point of view, the anime series is far behind the manga series. Despite the original ending, the anime series failed to address issues that were later addressed in the manga series. By the end of season 2, Noragami fans were left high and dry.

They don’t have an idea whether these will be resolved with the next season. That’s why it’s been more than years & they’re still hoping to get Noragmi Season 3. Going ahead, I’ve listed the possibility of whether we’ll get a new season or not. So, do check that out.

Noragami Season 3: Release Date

Now comes the question that has left every anime fan puzzled. Will there be Noragami Season 3?

To find a reasonable answer, I did research & found inconclusive evidence of fake claims made by news publishers.

Many blogs are making speculations for Noragami Season 3, but none of them shows conclusive proof.

No official confirmation.

Everyone’s saying the same thing again & again.

  • The manga series is on a break. That means Noragami Season 3 is in the works.
  • Noragami Season 1 followed volumes 1-3 & Noragami  Season 2 followed volumes 4-9 manga volumes. And as of now, we’ve 22 volumes. So, enough material to air Noragami  Season 3 & vice versa.
  • Recently, many anime are getting remakes or running despite large year gaps. So, there’s still some hope left to see Noragami Season 3.
  • The manga series is coming close to its final arc. So, we might see the anime series before the manga series is over.

Yeah! I agree all this is true, but this doesn’t change the fact that there’s no official announcement from Bones Studio. Maybe at the moment, their hands are full with anime series like Godzilla Singular Point, My Hero Academia Season 5, and more.

Well, whatever it is, we’ll update more on this once we’ve official words from the studio.

Final Words

Now that I’ve listed all the possibilities of whether we’ll get Noragami Season 3, it’s up to you to believe all these fake rumors spreading all over the web. Don’t believe them unless it’s not announced officially.

Besides, I’ll update once there’s an official update from the Bones studio or any production officials.