Noragami Chapter 116 Release Date And Exciting Manga Highlights Revealed!


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Noragami Chapter 116 release date is finally out now. Noragami manga started in 2010. In the first half of 2014, it ranked fourteenth in manga sales in Japan. The story is about a god named Yato. He doesn’t have followers or a shrine. There is a girl named Hiyori. Hiyori has a unique ability to separate her soul from her body after a car accident.

This accident allowed her to see both the earthly realm and the phantom world. She meets Yukine, a regalia or spirit, who helps her in her journey.

Release Date Of Noragami Chapter 116

Great news for Noragami fans! The wait for Chapter 116 is almost over.  Noragami Chapter 116, which everyone has been eagerly anticipating, will be released on May 21, 2023. Get ready for another installment filled with delightful and funny stories that will surely warm your heart.

Time Of Release Of Noragami Chapter 116

Chapter 116 of the manga is set to be released at different times depending on the time zone. For those in Pacific Daylight Time, the chapter will be available at 9 AM. Eastern Daylight Time readers can access the chapter at 12 noon, while Central Daylight Time readers can read it at 11 AM.

In British Summer Time, the chapter will be available at 5 PM, and in Japan Standard Time and Korea Standard Time, it will be released at 9:30 PM. For readers in Eastern Standard Time, the chapter will be available at 8 AM, and in India Standard Time, readers can access it at 11:30 PM.

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In Eastern European Summer Time, readers can expect the chapter at 3:30 AM, and in Australian Eastern Time, it will be available at 10:30 AM. For those in Washington DC, the chapter will be available at 8:30 AM, and for readers in New York, USA, it will be released at 8:00 AM.

Premise Of Noragami Manga

Hiyori Iki used to be a regular student until she got into a bus accident while protecting someone. Since then, her soul often leaves her body, and she discovers two worlds: the Near Shore, where humans and creatures live, and the Far Shore, where phantoms and souls reside.Noragami Chapter 116 Release Date

Through her soul, she meets Yato. He is a god who has no shrine and wants to become famous by granting wishes for a small fee of 5 yen. Hiyori asks Yato to fix her body. They are joined by Yukine, a Regalia formed from the soul of a deceased human. Together, they embark on various adventures. They face challenges related to their friendship, identity, and pasts.

Recap Of Noragami Chapter 115

Chapter 115 of the popular manga series Noragami was highly anticipated by readers, and they eagerly speculated about what will happen in the next chapter. The release date was on 15 May,

Yato and the other characters encountered more difficulties and obstacles on their journey because of the events that occurred in previous stories. However, fans are hopeful that the series will eventually provide answers to the unanswered questions that have been raised throughout the story.

Spoiler For Noragami Chapter 116

Fans are eagerly awaiting more information about the upcoming chapter of Noragami, including its release date and content. Based on previous events in the series, many readers believe that the chapter will primarily focus on the relationship between Yato and Hiyori.

There are also theories circulating among fans that suggest this chapter may provide insights into Yato’s past. It is his connection to the god of misfortune, his interactions with Nora, and other aspects of his life. While these speculations have not been confirmed. Fans have engaged in enthusiastic discussions and debates about them.

While some fans are excited about the possibility of more action and the introduction of new characters. Others are particularly interested in the emotional and psychological growth of the main characters. Regardless of the spoiler of Noragami Chapter 116, fans can expect an engaging and emotionally charged journey.

The Noragami manga series is highly popular and has also been made into an anime. However, fans are disappointed because important parts of the story were changed in the anime version, even though they love both versions.

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Some viewers think that the anime should cover certain important parts of the story properly. Despite the criticisms, fans still enjoy Noragami because of its complex characters and exciting storylines.

In Chapter 116 of Noragami, readers can expect to see Yato facing some difficult revelations, like the death of Ebisu, which will have a big impact on him.

Where To Read Noragami Chapter 116?

You can read this manga on the main Kodansha website and Comics.inkr. If you prefer the digital version, you can read Noragami for free on Comics.inkr. However, if you like physical copies, you can purchase the print version at an affordable price.

Noragami Chapter 116 Release Date

On the official Kodansha website, you can access the latest chapter as soon as it is released and also browse through previous chapters from past issues.


Noragami is an exciting book that people have been enjoying for a long time. It is about a god named Yato who wants to become famous and have a shrine. Yato, along with Hiyori Iki and Yukine, fights against powerful magical enemies to achieve his goals.

The book has thrilling battles and touching emotional scenes that fans will love. Yato’s relationships with new characters are explored, and the book also shows the importance of friendship and trust and how people are affected by them.

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