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No Time To Die: This Is Why Fans Want The Movie To Delay Its Release Date

There is a lot of buzz going on around for the upcoming 007 film, ‘No Time To Die’. However, fans want a delay in the release date of the film. Here is the reason.

Fan Request: ‘No Time to Die’ Release Delay Due to Coronavirus.

The terror of the Corona Virus is spreading across the World. People are asked to keep themselves safe and take safety measures as this deadly viral is life-taking.

With the number of contaminated individuals arriving at 90,000 and the loss of life besting 3,000. Various meetings, celebrations and exposure tours around the World have been cancelled or postponed because of the outbreak. Open Letter is a popular James Bond fan website, has written an open letter mentioning the deferral of “No Time to Die.” The upcoming portion in the Daniel Craig-drove British government operative series.

Cary Joji Fukunaga, who is the director of the film, is set to release in theatres toward the beginning of April.

Although, there is a  board worry about coronavirus across the World.  The fan bunch is asking distributors MGM and Universal and makers Eon to push its release until summer.

According to the website, people will have to gather in the theater halls to watch the film. This will only increase the chances of getting the Corona Virus. “With the Coronavirus reaching pandemic status, it is time to put public health above marketing release schedules and the cost of cancelling publicity events.”

The letter also points out that “There is a significant chance that cinemas will be closed, or their attendance severely reduced, by early April. How safe do you feel?”

The article on their website concludes by saying “Delay the release of ‘No Time To Die’ until the summer when experts expect the epidemics to have peaked and to be under control.”


The article also claims that people’s health is more important than a film. People all over have waited four years for this film to hit the theatres, but when it comes to people’s health, a few months of delay won’t matter that much.

Let’s hope we get to see a good side of this entire story.

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