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No Time To Die: This Is How Much The Delay Will Cost The Producers


David Mudd

Daniel Craig is coming back with yet another James bond Movie. However, the movie is being delayed, and this will cost the film a great loss. Here is what we know about the delay and loss projections for No Time To Die.

Why Is No Time To Die Being Delayed?

No Time To Die

Movies do get postponed or preponed for several reasons. Sometimes due to production issues and sometimes just to make the fans happier. Therefore, it is nothing new to delay movies. However, it does come with a cost that the movie-makers have to keep in mind.

Daniel Craig’s latest James Bond movie No Time To Die is being pushed back for almost seven months. The delay comes because of the deadly coronavirus that is spreading throughout the world.

One of the precautions that people are advised to take to prevent contracting the corona is to avoid public spaces and crowded places. Therefore, the movie-going crowd has seen a huge decrease in the number of people turning up at movie theatres. While many other movies have not reacted to this by postponing their release, Bond is taking the long road.

How Much Is The Loss Going To be For No Time To Die?

No Time To Die

The projections for the loss that the movie risks facing a loss of anywhere between $30 million to $50 million. The movie has already done a lot of promotion work. One of the more latest promotional events was a super-expensive Super Bowl advertisement. The promotions were just starting to take off when the delay was announced.

The Bond film’s latest theme song by Billie Eilish was also recently released as part of building up the hype for the movie. However, all of this pause due to the caution of the corona is going to cost the film millions in losses.

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No Time To Die was going to release on April 10, 2020. However, we do not know the new release date for the film. This does not mean that the movie can not make up for the losses. The Bond film franchise is one of the highest-grossing in the industry and stands a lot of chances to easily surpass the losses through its box-office earnings.

No Time To Die

The same can be said of many other movies. Marvel’s Black Widow and Krasinski A Quiet Place seem unaffected by the Corona’s danger. See what we did there?. However, nothing can be said until official announcements come out.

Corona continues to spread across the world, with most countries already encountering a hundred cases. The UK alone has over a hundred recorded coronavirus cases and also serves as the hub for No Time To Die. As of now, the toll due to corona is 3000+ and counting.