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No Time To Die: Daniel Craig Was Not Happy About The “Curse” Rumours About The Film


David Mudd

Movie delays are common, but no joke for the creators. While many movies are currently going through a box office crisis due to the corona outbreak, it is hard to shake off the negativity that comes with production delays.

Daniel Graig’s last stint as James Bond in No Time To Die is taking him on a roller coaster of emotions with how hard making the film was for him.

No Time To Die: The Turbulent Production 

No Time To die has been facing production problem since the very beginning of its adoption. Like other movies such as Uncharted is witnessing years of delay, the new James Bond film has a similar story.

First, the movie’s director Danny Boyle stepped down from the role, leading to a delay in production. The creative differences between Boyle and other producers paved the way for Cary Fukunaga to take over with directing the movie.

There was also an onset explosion while shooting the film. The incident left an individual injured and the production stage for No Time To Die in ruins. Therefore, another delay came with rebuilding the set and reshooting the scenes.

No Time To Die: Craig’s Struggle With The Movie

No Time To Die

During one of the shoots, Craig also injured himself. He broke his ankle and had to fly back to the United States for treatment. Therefore, the movie was delayed again.

In addition to this, Craig also had to address his suicidal remarks after finishing Spectre. While his comments were taken out of context and stretched unnecessarily, they do reflect how Craig feels about playing 007.

In an interview for Spectre, Craig says that he’d rather ‘slash his wrists’ than do another Bond film. Not because he does not like it, but because he feels physically low and thinks it is not worth it. Therefore, No Time To Die took 5 years to come around given its turbulent journey.

No Time To Die

No Time To Die: Daniel Craig Pissed About The ‘Curse’ Rumors

Finally catching up with the production and marketing of No Time To Die, it seems that the movie is again facing delays. The rumors around the delays are now pissing Daniel Craig off.

In an interview about his last Bond film, Craig highlights the Bond Curse. He says that it pisses him off because people are cursing the movies, but everyone is trying their best. His anger comes from a place wherein people refuse to understand the toll their accusations and rumors take on creators to perfect the movie.

Daniel Craig’s statement shed light on how pressured creators are to finish a project and give the audience the best experience. The rumors just bring morale down. James Bond is personally special to Craig, and it shows that he is trying his best to deliver.

No Time To Die is now releasing on November 25, 2020, due to delays because of public health issues relating to the coronavirus.

No Time To Die