No Time To Die: Daniel Craig To Be In A No Time To Die Parody On SNL


David Mudd

It is confirmed that the new James Bond movie ‘No Time To Die’ has been postponed due to the fatal outbreak of coronavirus around the world. But, lead actor Daniel Cigar is making sure that the fans don’t miss out the fun. Read more to know

About The Film

Enlisted to protect a captured researcher, globe-running covert agent James Bond gets himself hot on the path of a puzzling villain, who’s equipped with a dangerous innovation.

The director of the film is Cary Joji Fukunaga. His filming career includes films like Chinatown Film Project, Jane Eyre, Beasts of No Nation and It. ‘No Time To Die’ will be his sixth film. In a newly released video, Fukunaga said:

“No Time To Die is a culmination of all that Bond has become,” Fukunaga says. “With all that he’s seen all the trauma, all the loss?”

no time to die

Cary also exposed that this film “will be his most challenging and difficult” project till now. Given below is a list of the actors who will be starring in the upcoming 007 film-

Daniel Craig
Rami Malek
Léa Seydoux
Ana de Armas
Lashana Lynch
Ben Whishaw
Naomie Harris
Jeffrey Wright

Daniel Craig In A Parody?

Coming back to host for the first time in eight years, Daniel came to host a Saturday Night Live on 7 March. He brought forward introduced a parody sneak peek of snip “No Time to Die” during his starting discourse.

No Time To Die

“You also may have got the news that the release of the film is being delayed due to public health concerns,” Cigar said. “But there’s this scene that’s my favourite, and the producers have been generous enough to let me show it tonight, So let’s take a look.”

The favourite scene which he is talking about is when Daniel enters a Casio and try his hands on the game of craps. He loved it because he was getting victorious at the game.

“I can’t believe I just won!” Bond raved. “What do I do now? … My heart is just beating so fast.”

No Time To Die

After that, Bond started to arrange his great beverage – vodka martini, shaken, not mixed. Yet changed course for the event. Also, he asked for a Vodka and a Red Bull in a pint glass.

A lady (Chloe Fineman) murmured in Bond’s ear: She had the top-mystery data he’s searching for. Be that as it may, Bond’s needs had moved.

“Cool,” he dismissed her. “Ladies and gentlemen, I have an announcement to make: I’m buzzed.”