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No Time To Die: BAFTA Official Supports The Delay For The Film’s Release


David Mudd

No Time To Die is postponed and will now probably release in November. The maker took the decision looking at the situations that are changing everything around the world. The filmmakers are being cautious about releasing their movies because of COVID-19. Many countries have declared Medical Emergencies and are trying their best to fight the virus.

BAFTA Official Supports The Delay In Release Date Of No Time To Die

The British Academy Film Awards has backed the decision of James Bond produces to delay the movie. Looking at the world, this was the right decision. This is a time when people don’t want to leave their homes. Most of the cinema halls have shut down because of medical emergencies. Releasing a movie at this time is a deal of loss.

The Boss Of BAFTA Said That The Move Is Courageous

The head of BAFTA recently said in an interview that postponing the movie after so many promotions was a courageous move. The makers did incur a lot of money in promoting the film and delaying the movie needed great courage. With the backing of BAFTA, the producers of 25th James Bond movie will feel confident now. 

no time to die

No Time To Die Will Release When People Will Not Die

The title of the movie might be No Time To Die, but in the current situations, people are dying. More people can die if the movie releases and people come out to watch it. The virus is going on like crazy, and the governments are trying everything to keep it in control. 

Chinese officials have done a great job of controlling it. It was the country where the virus originated, and they are still the most affected by it. The cases have decreased, and people are recovering. 

No Time To Die

No Time To Die will now release in a time when people will not die if they come out. The makers are confident about the movie, and they have a great team that will again create the hype. This is the 25th James Bond Movie, and it has already got so many hypes all around the world. With Daniel Craig, the movie will again rise and will become a hit.

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