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No Man’s Sky: ‘Ambitious’ New Content Teased For 2020


David Mudd

If you are searching for more new features and content on the game, “No Man’s Sky” then your search is going to have fruit soon. We know No Man’s Sky is been top always in introducing the new content and features on the game from the past few months. The game includes living ships, Colossal Exo mechs, a full audio creation suite to every explorer of the space.

So, here all that you are waiting for, have a look at the article.

No Man’s Sky: New Content On Game

No Man's Sky

As we have many more new content and features on the game from the last five months, we may have some more interesting and nail-biting content this time also.

“Beginning with Synthesis, we planned to release more regularly, and it’s encouraging to look back on how this has unfolded so far,” says the post view. The Press Post of the No Man’s Sky starts explaining the new features it been adding on the game following, the new content adding this time.

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Let, first things first, here players can obtain a new version of the standard Exosuit Backpack. The Backpack combines with a new visual update that reminds us of the content of early weeks in No Man’s Sky. Besides this, players can purchase Blistering Mushroom, Watchful Protrusion, and Tentacle Spire toxic plants. Which are available at the Quiksilver Bot’s shop, where you can use them to your habitable bases and living spaces.

Going beyond the things, one can also look for new weekend missions. As of the post suggests, players will talk to Iteration: Ariadne aboard the Space Anomaly. This weekend going to be crazy with breaching hijinks across the galaxy too.

No Man's Sky

But why we talk about “AMBITIOUS CONTENT”? In the future planning of the Hello games, the team is a tie-up with more new content to explore for players. The post includes “ambitious additions to the universe” which will be in months.

Tie up with us, to know more about the game.