No Game No Life Season 2:Details Of Renewal And Speculated Release Date For The Anime

“No Game No Life Season 2”: All About Its Renewal, Expected Release Date, Plot, And Cast Is Here!!!

Written by Yu Kamiya, No Game No life is a Japanese fantasy novel series,10 seasons of which have been released by 2018, right from 2012.

My brother, hands down, is the most insane fan of the show. *sigh*

It is undoubtedly a very popular one, wherein of a set of gamers fight against the god of games to eventually confiscate his throne.

What To Expect From No Game No Life

The first season had aired in 2014 and shut after 12 episodes.

The perpetual writing for the second season must have begun by at least 2016, but we haven’t heard of any sequel hitting the screens anytime soon.

No Game No Life

Season 1 

The Novel series follows the life of majorly 2 step-siblings, Shiro and Sora, who are excellent gamers.

They are conduced by another boy named God(*coughs*), to lay back their dispute in the world of games, without any blame or quarrel whatsoever.

This works for both of them since they anyway consider the real world to be just another shitty game. Bizarre.

Plot Progression In No Game No Life

I remember my brother advising his friend on phone “Every gamer must watch “No Game No life” at least once.

Preach, brother! I did go on to watch it. 11/10, I’d mark.

The siblings find the world of games fantastical and if anything, they now don’t want to settle in, in their real-yet-poorly-functioned world.

The siblings make a stupendous team and fight other players who are apparently ‘stuck in the fantasy world’.

With the absolute knowledge of them winning every game, the show becomes an interesting watch as to how will these players subside others.

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Is There A Season 2?

No Game No Life

As of now, the show hasn’t declared its new No Game No Life season.

But there’s a huge chance of it releasing pretty soon. Of course because of two reasons.

First and foremost, for its sky-high popularity.

Secondly, because it has been reported to have some subjects that are yet to be covered.

Hoping against hope that 2021 will bring amazing news for fans and people all over the world, given, 2020 doesn’t look like it is a ‘Happy’ New Year anyway.







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