No Game No Life Season 2: Trailer, Release Date, Cast And Plot

The speculation surrounding No Game No Life Season 2 got some extra buzz recently, thanks to the anime showing up on Netflix. The show’s first season has been around for years now, and fans have been begging for a second season.

No Game No Life Season 2 On Netflix?

The anime’s presence on Netflix is no guarantee that a second season is coming, but the extra eyeballs certainly won’t hurt its chances. It’s been quite a frustrating wait for fans, too. No Game No Life Season 1 only lasted for 12 short episodes.

The first season ended on quite an enticing cliffhanger, too. So, naturally, fans assumed that there’s more to this story. That was back in 2014. Fast forward to 6 years later, and we still have no clue whether No Game No Life Season 2 is ever coming.

No Game No Life

We did get a movie, called No Game No Life: Zero back in 2017. Fans would have been happy to get back into the world of Disboard, without a doubt. However, the 2017 movie was a prequel to the anime’s first season.

No Game No Life’s Plot

No Game No Life has some of the coolest lore out of any fictional world, so it was still interesting to watch. What fans really want, however, is to see the continuation of Sora and Shiro’s stories. Their story is what gave the show all of its heart.

They were both recluses who simply sat at home all day here in the real world. It’s only when they got transported to Disboard that their gaming expertise started paying off. That’s why fans are still demanding No Game No Life Season 2.

Yu Kamiya is the name of the author who wrote the original light novel series and adapted the anime. As far as the story itself is concerned, Kamiya himself has written quite a few novels that continue Shiro and Sora’s story past the events of Season 1.

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When Is No Game No Life Season Coming?

No Game No Life

The first of these novels came out on April 25, 2012, while the latest one came out on January 25, 2018. However, we haven’t had any new novels since then. The series’ story is not complete, either.

So, when is No Game No Life Season 2 coming out? Is the light novel series going to continue? Only Yu Kamiya knows, and he hasn’t broken his silence for years now.

But we hope that the official announcement comes soon. As we all are anticipating for a new season of the show.


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