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Nintendo Switch: Latest System Update Teases A New Switch With A Second Display


David Mudd

The Nintendo Switch might be in for a serious upgrade if the newest reveals from its latest software update end up being true. Update 10.0.0 has some major features in it, to begin with. However, it may have given away more than Nintendo was expecting it would.

Latest Update Adds Button Remapping To Nintendo Switch

This latest software update finally allows players to remap their button configurations. On the surface, this seems like a simple change. However, players have demanded it quite often. Having the ability to remap buttons may help some players play their games more comfortably.

This is especially true of those moving to the Switch from a PlayStation or Xbox. They may be used to buttons in certain positions doing certain things.

It’s not even the most interesting thing in this update, though. Mike Heskin, a veteran hacker, dug deep into the latest firmware for the Nintendo Switch and found some juicy information.

Nintendo Switch

A Dual-Screen Nintendo Switch Model?

He found references to a new Switch device, codenamed “nx-abcd”. This on its own is pretty significant.

What’s even more interesting, however, is the fact that this new Switch model apparently supports two displays. Nintendo is no stranger to releasing devices with two screens. Their Nintendo DS lineup of handheld consoles has been wildly successful.

So, it’s not unbelievable that they may have plans to do something with a new Switch model. It is fascinating to speculate what a dual-screen version of the Nintendo Switch would look like, though.


No New Switch Models This Year

Both the Nintendo Switch and the Lite have decently-sized single screens. This allows players to play traditional console games, such as those found on the PS4 and Xbox One without too much of an issue.

However, adding a second screen to any console fundamentally changes the way developers will design games. In the DS lineup, the bottom screen was touch-sensitive, and users could operate it with a stylus.


The Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite already have touch-screens, though. Anyway, it may be a long, long time before we see this intriguing new device.

Nintendo has already stated publicly that they’re not planning to release a new Switch model this year. This despite persistent rumours of a Switch Pro It could be really cool when it does come around, though.