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Nintendo: Nintendo Switch Update 10.0.2 Patch Notes Revealed


David Mudd

It has been a massive day for all the gamers out there. Nintendo just released an update and it was here without any prior information. Now that has to be something right? So that update hit the gamers Switch yesterday night.

And that too happened without any prior information. So that update is something that you should know about. It is going to be there on both, Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite. Now there isn’t much about the update that you should know.

And neither is there something huge about it. But some subtle details can prove to be helpful. So stick around for them. Learn more about the update.


What Went Down With The Update?

First things first, the update isn’t huge. And that also means the size of the file. So there isn’t a bulky file to download. This means that you don’t have to spend a lot of time on the update. It will pretty much be short and that is great.

Now Nintendo has released the new 10.0.2 update. This is generally for improving system stability. There isn’t anything massive about this update. It only has general fixes to the issues in the controllers for Nintendo Switch Pro.

This is also why the previous two updates were released. Now that this update is here. Surely, you will not face this issue again. So that’s a win-win right?

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What Do We Know About The Patch Notes?

The Patch notes were released by Nintendo. So they are general fixes for the system stability and to improve it. This update has stood up to what 10.0.0 and 10.0.1 have not. They will now give you a system menu version.

Earlier updates didn’t ensure that this happened. They didn’t set up a new Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. So that has caused the wrong control of the joystick.

What More Is Coming? (Nintendo)


Now that the summers are setting in, there are going to be amazing things in store for the gamers. They are going to get new releases and also amazing announcements about the games that they’ve waited for.

This is something that every gamer waits for with full enthusiasm. However, there can be an issue regarding this. Now that the coronavirus pandemic has spread so much, there can be issues on the conduct of events.

So we might experience some serious cancellation on that end.