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Nintendo: Nintendo Reveals Officially Licensed Switch memory Cards


David Mudd

Except for PlayStation and Xbox gaming consoles, there is another gaming platform that worth for play. I think you already guessed what I am talking about. Yes, I am saying about the Nintendo Switch console. It is also a gaming console where you can play top-rated video games. The good news for Switch players is Nintendo officially revealed their licensed memory cards. Check out the details about it.


Nintendo Co.

It is a common name for gamers though is a Japanese multinational company, mainly known for electronics and video game console Nintendo Switch. Fusajiro Yamauchi founded the company on 23 September 1889, almost 130 years ago!! From its foundation day, we can easily feel how many changes this company has witnessed.

It is now one of the biggest video game companies and has many best-selling games. Some of the games are Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Mario, etc.


Nintendo Officially Reveals Licensed Memory Cards

The other gaming consoles like PlayStation, Xbox, etc. already have a wide range of storage capability. While Nintendo is known for its low-size games. But when they launched the Dragon Quest series, they faced storage problems even when Nintendo allows its players to switch between internal and SD Card storage.

Although they have several SD Card recommendations, Nintendo finally decided to reveal its licensed memory cards. It is a microSDXC card.  Famous memory card producer company SanDisk created this card for Nintendo Switch.


Features Of The microSDXC Cards

A friendly reminder for players, they need to update their Switch console in terms to use cards. These microSDXC cards have high capabilities including fast file transfer (transfer rate up to 100MB/s) and video game loading. The manufacturer made different designs and colors for the cards.

However, the cards are ready for purchase now. It has three different divisions though. Have a look at its price and storage capabilities.


  • 64GB – $17.99
  • 128GB – $32.99
  • 256GB – $52.99

Nintendo is ready to provide their best service to players, so don’t wait. Seize the opportunity.

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