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Nintendo: Nintendo Confirms Some 160,000 Accounts May Have Been Hacked


David Mudd

Beware of the hackers. If you are a Nintendo user, its time you protect your account. Read ahead to know more about the 160,000 hacking of the Nintendo Accounts. Also, read ahead to find out how you can protect your account.

Misuse Of Cyber Space

The coronavirus pandemic has forced more than half of humanity into lockdown. As a result, many people engage in online games and sticking to their gaming console. Due to such a high number of users using gaming console all of a sudden, hackers take advantage of the situation and hack the user’s accounts.

All esports events that took place at a pre-decided venue are now being held online from home. Massive amount of gaming data has become public as it goes online to servers around the world.


Nintendo Issue

Moreover, it seems that it has become their prime target. Lately, Nintendo users are complaining that they are receiving messages of unauthorized third-party access. Seeing the growing number of complaints from Nintendo users, Nintendo is trying to address the issue.

Moreover, 160,000 accounts have been hacked to date. After hacking, hackers use the user’s Paypal details to purchase in-game items and for other monetary reasons. Moreover, the Nintendo user’s ID is only shared with other users to access online game stores.

These stores allow users to purchase online games and related items. Furthermore, there is a chance that accounts get hacked at this point. However, there is no concrete evidence to support the same yet.



How To Protect Your Nintendo Account


The Users need to open the official website. Furthermore, they need to access the security and support page of Nintendo. There the users have to complete a 2-Step Verification process.

The process will ensure the protection of their Account from hackers. Furthermore, the process will allow the users to reset their password. Also, the process will give new codes to the users that they have to save.

If any third unknown party tries to access your account, Google will ask them to enter the code. Only the original owner of the account will have the codes. This way, your Nintendo Account will remain protected from cyber frauds.

For more information, you can contact Nintendo on their Contact Us page.