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Nintendo Direct: Presentation For June 2020, Details Leak Online


David Mudd

Read ahead to know more about the presentation leaks of Nintendo Direct. Also, find out what information leaked and what games are upcoming.

About Nintendo Direct

Nintendo Direct is an online presentation show. Nintendo company is the producer of the show. Furthermore, the live online presentation gives information about Nintendo’s upcoming games, updates, and consoles.

Satoru Iwata is the creator of the Nintendo Direct. Also, the first Nintendo Presentation took place on 21st October 2011 in the United States and Japan. Furthermore, the live online presentation spread to Australia, Europe, and South Korea.

Nintendo Direct

The Nintendo Direct Presentation is available in Korean, Japanese, and English language depending on the region of presentation. Moreover, the presentation comes in both regional and international formats.

The presentation cover range of titles. But few Nintendo Direct Presentations focus on a particular game or update. The game’s producer, director or employee gives such live presentations.

Origin Of Leak

The leak originated from 4chan. Furthermore, 4chan has been the source of Nintendo leaks in the past as well. 4chan leaked Pokemon Sword and Shield game updates and data to the public.

Moreover, the leaked information came to be true after the games were announced officially. However, fans should still be careful before believing in any leaks. People often misinterpret games due to such leaks. Therefore one must be careful and vigilante.

Microsoft and Nintendo plan to hold digital presentations to introduce their new games and updates. The gaming companies rely on digital presentations to showcase their games after the E3 2020 Summit got canceled

According to the leak, Nintendo plans to conduct the Nintendo Direct Presentation in June 2020.

Nintendo Direct

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What Is The Leak

Nintendo will reveal more Super Mario LEGO sets very soon. Furthermore, Nintendo will introduce the Donkey Kong Country games for Switch Online. The leak revealed Super Mario Bundle and Super Mario 3D World Deluxe.

4chan leaked the new Paper Mario Game as well. However, the fans should wait for the official release of games. Leaks are true only to a certain point.