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David Mudd

Nikon: On Stream Photography Education Are Now For Free Of Charge Some Time

Many companies have been providing services for the lockdown. They have been helping people to stay in their homes. Also, they have been putting out offers and discounts to make the most out of this time. This is something Nikon is also doing.

They are now giving courses for free. Isn’t that amazing? Nikon is going to be providing a photography course for free now. This will be like that for some time.

Amidst the lockdown, the company has thought that this is a cover thing to do. This will keep people engaged. Also, this will help them learn something in this while. People can acquire new skills.

Those who already have this as a hobby can explore their interests further. So, it is an amazing opportunity for everybody.


To make the most out of it, you should enroll in them now. Learn more about this!

More About The Videography Classes

Nikon has recently made its $250 courses free. These include photography and videography lessons. Also, this offer will stay until the entire month of April.

You get 10 courses that contain videos ranging from quarter-hour to an hour. These courses are available easily on their website. So, you can access them easily.

This can give you a lot of information about the courses. So, they can help you ace the art of photography. You can get a stronger hold on the camera.

Since the courses you get will be from professionals. This also includes courses from ambassadors of Nikon.

So, you’re in for some fun.

What Did Nikon Say?


Nikon has announced on its website. They have tried to empower the creators. In this time of distress, they want people to grow.

This is what they’ve put up. You can learn anything from these courses. The options are so many that you might just get confused.

Starting from total amateurs to pros, they have something in for everybody. You just have to go to their Online School. Then, you have to enroll in their course.

They have also given information about this course on their Instagram page.

Why The Courses Are Put Up For Free?

We all know about the pandemic going about. It can be very distressing for people. So, Nikon has taken this initiative.

It is for people to stay engaged in their homes. Also, this allows them to try something new amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

This is an amazing opportunity for everybody.