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Aditi Deshinge

Night Moves Movie is an American neo-noir movie which was directed by Arthur Penn and the movie is starred with Gene Hackman, Jennifer Warren, Susan Clark and supporting performance is done by Melaine Griffith and James Woods.

The story revolves around a Los Angeles private investigator who is the one who uncovers a series of sinister events while in a hunt for the missing teenage daughter of a former movie actress.

Gene was nominated for BAFTA Award for his role of private investigator Harry Moseby. The movie has been called as a seminal modern noir work from the 1970s and it refers to it’s relationship with the movie noir traditional detective movies.

Night Moves Movie

The screenplay for Night Moves Movie has been done by Scottish writer Alan Sharp. After its release, Night Moves movie was not much successful, though it has attracted viewers and ample amount of critical attention after its videotape and DVD releases.

In 2010, Mnohla Dargis said for the movie as –  “the great, despairing Night Moves (1975), with Gene Hackman as a private detective who ends up circling the abyss, a no‑exit comment on the post-1968, post-Watergate times.”

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What is the plotline of Night Moves Movie?

Harry Moseby is a retired professional football player and now he is working as a private investigator in Los Angeles. Then he found out that his wife Ellen is having an affair with a man whose name id Marty Heller.

Night Moves Movie

Former actress Arlene Iverson hires Harry for hunting her 16 years old daughter Delly Grastner. Moreover, Arlene’s only source of income is Delly’s trust fund but it needed Delly to be stays with her. Arlene gives Harry the name of one of her daughter’s friends in Los Angeles.

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What is the cast of Night Moves Movie?

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  • Gene Hackmanas Harry Moseby
  • Susan Clarkas Ellen Moseby
  • Jennifer Warrenas Paula
  • Edward Binnsas Joey Ziegler
  • Harris Yulinas Marty Heller
  • Kenneth Mars as Nick
  • Janet Ward as Arlene Iverson
  • James Woods as Quentin
  • Anthony Costello as Marv Ellman
  • John Crawford as Tom Iverson
  • Melanie Griffith as Delly Grastner
  • Ben Archibek as Charles
  • Dennis Dugan as boy
  • J. Hiack as girl
  • Maxwell Gail, Jr. as Stud
  • Susan Barrister as ticket clerk
  • Larry Mitchell as ticket clerk

What are the reviews for Night Moves Movie?

Roger Ebert given the film all four stars and said for the movie as –

“one of the best psychological thrillers in a long time, probably since Don’t Look Now. It has an ending that comes not only as a complete surprise — which would be easy enough — but that also pulls everything together in a new way, one we hadn’t thought of before, one that’s almost unbearably poignant.”

Night Moves Movie

The New York Times ’s Vincent Canby   wrote for the movie that he had

“mixed feelings” about the film, elaborating that the characters “seem to deserve better than the quality of the narrative given them. I can’t figure out whether the screenplay by Alan Sharp was worked on too much or not enough, or whether Mr. Penn and his actors accepted the screenplay with more respect than it deserves.”

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