Nicki Minaj Slams the Grammys for Putting ‘Super Freaky Girl’ in a Pop Category!


Saloni Singh

Nicki Minaj is protesting the Recording Academy shifting her “ Super Freaky Girl ” from consideration in the Grammys ’ rap division to a pop order, saying that she’d be OK with the shift if it were applied constantly to other artists that straddle the crossover line, which she believes isn’t the case.

 “ I’ve no prob being moved out the RAP order as long as we r ALL being treated FAIRLY, ” Minaj twittered late Thursday, in response to her submission being moved out of her chosencategory.However, pertaining to the Latto megahit of that name, “ If SFG( ‘ Super Freaky Girl ’) has 2B moved out RAP also so does Big Energy! ” she added. “ ANY1 who says diff is simply a Nicki hater or a comb. ”

“(Drake’s) ‘ Hotline Bling ‘ Won Stylish Rap Song and Stylish Rap Sung(Performance)

 She said — representing the 2016 single that the artist himself said had no place in the rap order with Drake saying at the time “ I ’m a black artist, I ’m supposedly a rapper, indeed though ‘ Hotline Bling ‘ isn’t a rap song. ”

 “ Now, let’s say that ‘ Super Freaky Girl ’ is a pop song, ” Minaj continued. “ Let’s just say that. What’s( Latto’s) ‘ Big Energy ’? If you move ‘ Super Freaky Girl ’ out of rap and put it in pop, do the same thing for ‘ Big Energy. ’ Same directors on both songs, by the way. So let’s keep shit fair. Indeed when I ’m rapping on a faddish track, I still out- rap. ”

Nicki Minaj slams the Grammys for putting ‘Super Freaky Girl’ in a pop category

 Minaj’s ‘ Super Freaky Girl ’ is presently on its eighth week at the top of Billboard’s Hot Rap Songs map. The single — which samples Rick James ‘ ‘ Super Freak ’ — debuted at Number One on the Billboard Hot 100 upon its release, making Minaj the first solo womanish rapper since 1998 to achieve the feat.

 It’s not the first time Minaj has criticised the Grammys, twittering in 2020 “ noway forget the Grammys did n’t give me my stylish new artist award when I had 7 songs contemporaneously charting on billboard & bigger first week than any womanish rapper in the last decade- went on to inspire a generation. They gave it to the white man Bon Iver. ”

 The cessions for coming time’s awards are in, with advancing now underway. Notable entries include Taylor Swift ‘s ‘ Red( Taylor’s interpretation) ’ in the Album of the Year and Best Country Album orders, eight times after her original ‘ Red ’ reader lost both orders at the awards.

Nicki Minaj slams the Grammys for putting ‘Super Freaky Girl’ in a pop category

Latterly, Nicki Minaj Posted a 17- Nanosecond Videotape on Instagram Expanding on Her Position.

 Still, also you ’re not paying attention, “ If you ca n’t tell by now that there’s a combined trouble to give newer artists effects that they really do n’t earn over people who have been earning for numerous times.

And by the way, this isn’t to say any song is bad or any womanish rapper is bad. I always say this Any rapper, womanish or manly, that wins a Grammy, you should be fucking proud of yourself. But why is the goalpost only ever moved when it’s Nicki? Well, I ’ll tell you why. They do n’t want the people that they’ve in the assiduity to go up against me. ”