Nicholas Mcquirter Wiki, Parents, Relations, Weight, Height, Nationality, Birth Place, Age, Bio and Killings.


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Nicholas Mcquiter is a teenager of 17 years old. Currently, he is in the emergency clinic awaiting transport to prison. Nonetheless, why would he claim he will imprison? Nicholas will or has been charged with second-degree murder. He has been apprehended for fatally shooting his girlfriend’s father.

Mcquirter was a little child from the Louisiana city of Zachary, which is in the East Baton Rouge Parish. Nicholas Mcquiter dated Dezmon Hamilton’s daughter for an extended period of time. Dezmon did not want his 14-year-old daughter to date this individual. Dezmon was always attempting to separate this individual from his daughter.

Dezmon most certainly found something repulsive about this individual. Since who would want a 14-year-old girl who is a minor to being harmed or go into trouble? Nicholas had sneaked into the home of his sweetheart. Hamilton likely exploded or begged that he go after capturing him. The anger and outrage intensified, and then the shooting occurred.

There is no information regarding who fired the first shot. Regardless, Mr. Dezmon Hamilton was killed while protecting his daughter from a frightened child.

Height, Weight and Nationality

The height and weight of Nicholas is unknown till but his nationality is American.

His Educational History and Date of Birth

Currently 17 years old, Nicholas was born in Zachary, Louisiana. However, his date of birth is unavailable. Since he is 17 years old, he was likely born around 2003 or 2004. Additionally, speaking of his nationality, he is an American. Similarly, his ethnicity and zodiac sign are unknown.Nicholas Mcquirter

In addition, when addressing his educational background, McQuirter is still a student. The grade he is in and the school he attends have also not been released. Based on his age, he must be in his sophomore or junior year of high school.

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Relationships, Girlfriend and Wife

McQuirter must have broken into Hamilton’s residence to see his 14-year-old daughter, as he appeared to be involved with her. Due to a tragic event, however, Hamilton’s life was taken and Nicholas’s life was also ruined.

Nicholas Mcquirter Death Notice

Nicholas Mcquirter shot Dezmon Hamilton, who was 34 years old at the time of the killing, because Dezmon was trying to get Nicholas away from his 14-year-old daughter when he spotted Nicholas lurking around her bedroom window with a ladder. As stated in his obituary, Dezmon was shot numerous times and died on the scene as the owner and employee of ExxonMobil Port Allen Lube Plant in neighboring Baton Rouge. He was attempting to maintain harmony within the family.

Did Nicholas Mcquirter Shot as Well?

He did not want his 14-year-old daughter to be injured or in trouble as a result of this unstable adolescent, therefore he ultimately succumbed to several bullet wounds inflicted by Nicholas. The 17-year-old was also shot, but he did not pass away instantly. As a result, Mcquirter was rushed to the hospital, where he was recuperating in 2021 when the news broke. Nicholas was suspected of second-degree murder, illegal use of firearms, and possession of a stolen firearm after he was released from the hospital, and authorities attempted to apprehend him based on these allegations.

Parents of Nicholas Mcquirter

Nicholas Mcquirter’s parents were born and raised in Zachary, Louisiana, which is a portion of East Baton Rouge, despite the fact that little information about them has been released in the public due to his horrible conduct. Nicholas was also discovered conducting the same act in the same town without his parents’ knowledge. We can only speculate that Mcquirter’s upbringing was not as ideal as it should have been. Nicholas took an unauthorized route while in possession of a stolen firearm, and shot the father of four children in violation of the law.

Net Worth of Nicholas: How Much Does He Earn From His Career?

Nicholas is much too young to be active in any professional endeavors. Therefore, there is no chance he was making a living prior to the tragedy. Additionally, his parents must be employed to meet the family’s needs.Nicholas Mcquirter

Social Media Platforms

We were unable to locate Nicholas on any social media platforms. First, he is too young to surf the internet all day, and second, he likely focused on his education and spent time with his family and close friends.