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Nicholas Galitzine Dating: All We Know About His Personal Life and Many More?

Nicholas Galitzine Dating history is really mysterious. He has some amazing ladies in his life, from Camila Cabello to Sofia Carson. So does he have any real-life partner in his real life? Keep reading this article to get to know more about this handsome hunk’s dating life.

This 27-year-old actor is all set to star in Red White & Royal Blue. In this movie also he is going to play the role of another prince.

Firstly, Nicholas Galitzine have gained attention in 2016 for his depiction of Johnie Blackwell in the film High Strung. He is also most remembered for his role as Tom in the film The Beat Beneath My Feet in 2014.

Since then, this young British actor didn’t stop succeeding and now he has made his strides toward higher success accomplishment.

Later on, he played the role of Conor Masters in the movie Handsome Devil which was released in 2016.

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Who is Nicholas Galitzine?

He is well known for his character in Cinderella as Prince Charming and his co-star was Camila Cabello. This movie was released in 2021.

In 2022, his next movie Purple Hearts was released and in this movie, he has seen alongside Sofia Carson. He also starred in The Craft: Legacy, Chambers, High Strung as well as The Watcher In the Woods.

Moreover, Nicholas’s father was born in a family of Russian princes and his name is Geoffrey Galitzine. So no wonder why he keeps playing as a prince on the big screen.

In an interview with Flaunt Magazine in 2021, he said that –

“Playing a prince, in a lot of ways, for a lot of projects, I think, can be very one-dimensional,” further he also said that –

“Funnily enough, I auditioned for another prince, right before Cinderella, and got all the way through the process, and kept thinking how I was trepidatious about it because the character seemed to tread the same path as all of these other one-dimensional princes.

I got right down to the director session, and it didn’t go my way. I called my agents and I said, ‘I just think I need to swear off of princes for a little bit because it just didn’t feel very gratifying.'”

He further also describes Prince Robert as –

“much more multifaceted than his other princely contemporaries” and was eager to jump into the role. “For a lot of young actors, being a prince, it might on the outside seem, superficially, like a great thing. Creatively, though, it might feel kind of repressed, but it certainly was not that experience for me.”

Does Nicholas Galitzine Date Anyone?

As of now, this Purple Hearts star is not dating anyone. We also guess that he might don’t like to share his relationship out in a public. Though, there are numerous dating rumours between Nicholas and his leading ladies. But again it seems like it’s just a fan’s wishful thinking.

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Who Has Nicholas Galitzine Dated?

According to reports, it doesn’t seem like Nicholas has any public relationship as of now. Though, in an interview with Wonderland Magazine in July 2019, Nicholas said that he came into the field of acting because he had a crush on one actress. His statement for this is as follows –

“I had a serious crush on a girl who was attending the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and she was one of the performers. I went through with [the event] so that I could pursue this girl.”

He continued, “And I came back with this acting agency.”

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Who is Sofia Carson?

Sofia Carson played the role of Classie Salazar who is an aspiring singer and songwriter. She had Type I diabetes in one of the film’s most important parts. Then coincidently Classie meets Luke Morrow which was played by none other than our handsome hunk Nicholas Galitzine.

In this movie, Nicholas is a US marine and he was about to depart.

Despite their shared financial strain, they decide to get married for the benefit of their military pensions. Cassie and Luke fall head over heels in love despite their brief marriage after an unexpected tragedy send Luke home earlier than planned.

In Purple Hearts, Cassie and Luke overcome their obstacles and eventually find each other, which causes a wide range of emotions to surface. We can’t possibly reveal the conclusion of the story without first showing you the Netflix original movie.

The status of Sofia Carson and Nicholas Galitzine’s relationship will be mentioned, but Cassie and Luke’s relationship will not be. Are the Purple Hearts cast members developing a romantic relationship in real life? Who are they dating then?

Does Nicholas Galitzine and Sofia Carson Dating?

Nicholas and Sofia were co-stars in Purple Hearts. The chemistry between these co-stars will definitely let someone think they both are dating. But unfortunately, this duo is not dating as of now. We know that fans are hoping that this duo will actually fall in love due to their ultimate on-screen chemistry.

What is the Family Background of Nicholas Galitzine?

His full name is Nicholas Dimitri Constantine Galizine and he was born on 29th September 1994 in London, England. The Father’s name Nicholas is Geoffrey Galitzine and his mother’s name is Lora who is Greek American.

You guys will get surprised to know that, Nicholas’s father was born into a Russian Princess family but he worked as an entrepreneur to support his family. He took this decision to ensure his kid’s will happy and secure life.

Is Any Woman Currently Dating Nicholas Galitzine?

Well, when it comes to talking about his romantic life, then he is not much open about it. So for now, there is no proof about whether the Cindrella co-star Camila Cabello.

She was one of the performers during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and I developed a big crush on her. I carried out [the event] to pursue this girl. The actor previously stated in an interview with Wonderland Magazine, And I came back with this acting agency.”

Even though the actor seems to lead a peaceful private life, there have been rumours that Nicholas dated Lilli Kay, who co-starred with him on Chambers. He hasn’t been romantically associated with anyone else since Nicholas and Lilli didn’t confirm or deny the claims.


Check out the trailer of Cindrella movie starring Nicholas Galitzine and Camila Cabello in below video


Well, unfortunately, we don’t have any clear information regarding Nicholas Galitzine dating life yet. We know that he is a prince charming to many girls and a lot of people are interested to know his dating life. So we will definitely share his dating life as soon as we get any information regarding this. Till then stay tuned with us and read out our articles.

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