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New York Has Seen 100 Children With Illness Linked To The Coronavirus


David Mudd

New York, the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in the United States saw 100 children with an illness linked to the coronavirus. Read ahead to know more. Also, read ahead to know what New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo has to say in the light of this situation.

Initial Assumptions

When the pandemic began, it was assumed that youth, especially children are not affected by the coronavirus. Moreover, people above the age of 60 were prone to catch the virus. Also, people with heart diseases, diabetes, and other health complications are the most vulnerable to the coronavirus.

Furthermore, young people have the immunity to face the coronavirus and therefore not get affected by it. Also, they must not worry about getting it. However, they must follow all the necessary social distancing precautions.

WHO Showcases The Reality

The World Health Organisation and CDC ridiculed the assumptions. Furthermore, they said that children and youth have an equal chance as elders to get the coronavirus. However, the probability is low.

But this does not mean they are not vulnerable to get the coronavirus. Also, we saw many teenagers reporting symptoms of coronavirus. Furthermore, a newborn baby died in Singapore because of the coronavirus.

The World Health Organisation has warned the youth to stay safe and not believe in any assumptions. Moreover, they carry the maximum chance of transferring the virus through air.

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Situation In New York City

New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo said three children died and has urged all the New York hospitals to conduct tests for children as well. Furthermore, New York City has reported 52 children sick with the syndrome.

The healthcare department in the city has started to investigate 100 cases of the syndrome. Moreover, the cases arise every day in the city. Future tests will include children as well.