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New Teaser Shows ‘Back to the Future’ Musical Is Coming to Broadway Next Summer!

New Teaser Shows ‘Back to the Future' Musical Is Coming to Broadway Next Summer

Christopher Lloyd, who played Doc Brown in” Back to the Future,” makes an appearance in the new teaser for” Back to the unborn The Musical,” which has been running in London’s West End since September 2021, grounded on the megahit 1985 film.

 The teaser opens with Tony Award winner Roger Bart, who’ll play Doc Brown in the show, as he studies the condition of the DeLorean the vehicular time machine used in the original ballot.

“ Looks like it’s got about 3 million long hauls on it and all this pristine sword, ” Bart says while tapping the hood. “ Great Scott! ”

“ Can This Thing Really Do 88? “ He Asks.

The camera kissers  to Lloyd as he responds to Bart, saying,” trust me,” aiming to vend Bart the vehicle.

 “ Each right, I ’ll take it for a test drive, ” Bart replies. “ The Winter Garden Theatre on Broadway. I ’ll be back in no time. ”

“ I misdoubt it, ” Lloyd says as Bart gets into the auto. “ I suppose you ’re going to be at the Winter Garden for a long time. ” Friday’s advertisement was made onOct. 21 to recognize Back to the Future Day — the date that Marty McFly arrived in the future during” Back to the unborn Part II.”

 Before the musical, Bart also played Doc Brown in the London product. Hugh Coles will duplication his part as George McFly from the same show.

The Part of Marty McFly, Played by MichaelJ. Fox in the Film Ballot, Will Be Blazoned Soon, Along With the Rest of the Cast.

” Marty, Doc and everyone in Hill Valley will be living on Broadway and 50th road for hopefully numerous times to come and we look forward to amusing and thrilling cult with this moving and spectacular musical interpretation of the important cherished film,” said supereminent patron Colin Ingram in a statement.

” I ’m pleased to be bringing Tony Award winner Roger Bart back to Broadway and introduce Olivier Award designee Hugh Coles as George McFly who have enthralled cult in London.”

Co-creator of the” Back to the Future” ballot Bob Gale, who also wrote the book for the musical, added,” To rephrase Marty McFly, you guys are ready for this, and your kiddies are gon na love it( too)! ”

The Show Opened on March 11, 2020 in Exercise Form in Manchester, England, Back to the Future!

 Five days latterly, trials were canceled due to the COVID- 19 epidemic. The show transferred to the West End in London, where it opened on September 13, 2021. The product design entered amicable praise, and the show was nominated for seven Olivier awards, eventually winning one.

Coles and Bart have been involved in the product since its commencement. Coles most lately appeared in Death in Paradise and Atlanta. Bart is an actor of stage and screen, and the winner of multiple awards, including a Tony Award for his performance as Snoopy in the 1999 reanimation of You are a Good Man, Charlie Brown.

He has also won a Screen Actors Guild award, and was nominated for a Golden Globe and an Emmy for his performance of the song” Go the Distance” from the 1997 film Hercules.

He has appeared in numerous flicks, including The Stepford women, The Directors and Trumbo, and had a recreating part in the ABC cleaner hopeless Housewives.

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