New Study Shows That Being Sedentary for 10+ Hours Daily Increases Dementia Risk!



Scientist as well as many health experts and professionals continue to research various things to explore this realm world, They conducted a new study recently and the results of that study is significant and concerning. They all have successfully proved through the study that, those who were sedentary for ten or more hours a day had a 30% higher risk of developing dementia compared to those who spent less time sitting.

However, the risk of dementia is not related to the total time spent sitting but also to the behaviors of particular individuals associated with the risk. Through this post, I have delved into the detailed analysis of the study regarding Being Sedentary for 10+ Hours a Day Linked to Higher Dementia Risk.

The Connection Between Sitting and Dementia

 Increases Dementia Risk!

The research which is published earlier in the Jama stated that being sedentary for 10 hours or more each day was “significantly associated” with dementia. The term dementia denotes the loss of cognitive functioning. This disease has causes including memory loss, confusion, and difficulty expressing thoughts.

author Daniel Aslan MS, a PhD candidate in human and evolutionary biology at the University of Southern California’s Department of Biological Sciences, told Health that

“One of the most compelling things I find about the study is that regarding the associated risk with dementia, the total time spent being sedentary matters more than the way this time is being accumulated,”

Their research revealed that spending approximately 10 waking hours each day in a sedentary state, characterized by sitting or lying down with minimal energy expenditure, doubled the likelihood of developing dementia. Before proceeding further, Seeking Bowel Control Solutions? Try These Foods Options for Better Gut Health

It’s worth noting that activities like bike riding did not fall under the category of sedentary behavior. Furthermore, the risk escalated significantly, with individuals who remained sedentary for 15 waking hours showing a threefold higher risk of dementia compared to those who were not sedentary.

 Increases Dementia Risk!

How to Avoid the Condition of Dementia?

There are so many ways through which you can reduce the risk of having dementia, take a look at these ways and follow up on them which are mentioned below in this article. Before proceeding further take a look at Check Out a Study Reveals That Cheese Consumption is Linked to a Potential Reduction in Dementia Risk!

  • Every day just Walk or Run for a few minutes only especially when you have a desk job. You can set an alarm so that you do not forget.
  • Engaging in physical activities like brisk walking, cycling, or swimming can be an enjoyable, thrilling, and exciting experience and at the same time, it can be beneficial for health.
  • Having a balanced diet is necessary for overall health and it should be a noticeable fact that overall well-being includes mental health too.
  • You can replace your screen time with doing your favorite habit or hobbies.


It is a kind of wake-up call for us as this study has proved the relationship between prolonged sedentary behavior and a higher risk of dementia. It is essential to prioritize our cognitive health. It is an irrefutable fact that technology has made our life more easier as well as sedentary. There are some factors through which we can reduce the risk of having dementia risk.

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