New Star Wars Comic: How Does the New Star Wars Comic Explore Darth Maul’s Sith Origin?



On the landscape of the “Star Wars” comic world, Fans are intrigued by the compelling exploration of Darth Maul’s Sith origin. To specify, Darth Maul was a Force-sensitive male Dathomirian Zabrak Dark Lord of the Sith. He lived during the waning years of the Galactic Republic and the early years of the reign of the Empire.

However, he was born on Dathomir. He is well-recognized as Maul. Later on, he was brought to Darth Sidious, the Sith Lord, as an infant by his mother, a Nightsister. Meanwhile, they trained him secretly in a concealed training center on Mustafar and instructed him in the dark arts of the Force.

Let’s explore all the intricacies associated with Darth Maul Sith’s origin new Star Wars comic. If you want to know all the accurate information in a detailed manner then read this article completely to the end as I have mentioned all the things in following below given subsequent paragraphs so far.


Publisher Marvel Comics
(1977–1987, 2015–present)
Dark Horse Comics
(1991–2014, 2022–present)
IDW Publishing
Schedule Weekly
Formats Original material for the series has been published as a set of ongoing series, limited series, and one-shot comics.
  • Science fiction
Publication date April 1977 – present
Number of issues Marvel (1st run): 138 issues
Dark Horse Comics (1st run): 838 standard issues, 65 short issues and 35 graphic novels
Marvel (2nd run): 290 issues
IDW Publishing: 29 issues

What is the Star Wars Comic All About?

Star Wars comics have been written by various comic book publishers including Marvel Comics (1977–1987, 2015–present), Dark Horse Comics (1991–2014, 2022–present), IDW Publishing (2017–2022) since the debut of the 1977 film Star Wars. However, Marvel Comics published The Empire Strikes Back an adaptation of Return of the Jedi, and spin-offs based on Droids and Ewoks.

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limited series Dark Empire in 1991, Tales of the Jedi (1993–1998), X-wing: Rogue Squadron (1995–1998), Republic (1998–2006), Tales (1999–2005), Empire (2002–2006), and so on published by Dark Horse Comics. Moreover, in 2009, Marvel was acquired by The Walt Disney Company and Lucasfilm in 2012 so a variety of new series and comics were launched at that time such as Star Wars, Star Wars: Darth Vader, and Doctor Aphra.

darth maul sith origin new star wars comic

Who is Darth Maul?

Darth Maul is the character of Star Wars but the story is not much recognized by the masses. In the thousand years, he is the one who first confirmed Sith to be spotted by a Jedi. Recently, he emerged in Star Wars again and grabbed the attention of the masses because of his significant role-playing skills.

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  • Species: Zabrak, Dathomirian
  • Homeworld: Dathomir
  • Location: Dathomir
  • Affiliation: Nightbrothers clan; Sith Order; Trade Federation; Death Watch; Shadow Collective; Crimson Dawn
  • Apprentices: Savage Opress; Dryden Vos (Teräs Käsi); Qi’ra (Teräs Käsi); Ezra Bridger (claimant)

Furthermore, Darth Maul is a deadly, agile Sith Lord trained by the evil Darth Sidious. He is a warrior with the mastermind. At this time of writing the article, this character has been changed as the director gives him the perfect ‘second origin’ because of his commitment to the Sith. Explore, the shocking death of Scrappy-doo in “Velma” Season 2 impacts the overall narrative.

What Role Did Darth Maul Believe the Dark Side Played in Maintaining Peace in the Galaxy?

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Darth Maul underwent indoctrination into the belief that the Sith and the dark side of the Force were the correct life paths when he was taken from his home planet, Dathomir, by Palpatine as a young boy. Maul was raised with the notion that he was righteous, viewing the dark side merely as a necessary means for galactic peace.

Conversely, Palpatine, aware of the inherent evil in his actions, took pleasure in his deceptive and sinister journey. Before proceeding further, take a look at La Chica Invisible Season 2 release date. When will the second season be out?

What Insights Did Darth Maul Gain From Observing the Galaxy’s Condition Without the Sith?

darth maul sith origin new star wars comic

The final Occultation is the biggest problem that is solved by Maul in order to save the whole universe. After fighting for the universe, he noticed that while fighting, the dark side of the force had a big hand in bringing the chaos in order. That’s why, he has faith that the Sith’s ways could bring peace to the galaxy.

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Therefore, he is on a mission to save the galaxy. It is all his choice as it is not done because Palpatine said so. As the Sith, he mastered the dark side of the force. Moreover, he even started feeling more connected with the dark side of the force very well. It’ll just happen due to fighting experience with the Final Occultation

Thanks to the Sith role he can captivate the audience because he is really owing his commitment to the Sith. That’s how he brings up the biggest difference between the story of “Star Wars”. Although, this franchise gave him a stronger role as a Sith from the beginning. Check out, Neil Gaiman hinted at the possibility of Dead Boy Detectives Season 2.


To recapitulate, the new Star Wars comic offers a compelling narrative of Darth Maul’s Sith origin. The above-mentioned information has revealed insights into the character of Maul as Sith in the new Star Wars comic.

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