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New iPad Pro Launches, Deemed Closer To An Ideal Laptop


David Mudd

The new iPad Pro is out now, and based on everyone’s experience with it so, Apple seems to have a winner on their hands. It’s not a huge upgrade over the previous iPad Pro in terms of the hardware. However, the software changes that come with it are really blurring the lines between a laptop and a tablet.

New iPad Pro, New Tricks

You can’t talk about this without talking about these software changes, either. The iPad Pro already supported Bluetooth keyboards. On top of that, you could attach USB-C storage devices to its singular port and transfer data.

Now, with iPad OS 13.4 ready and available to numerous iPads around the world, including the latest iPad Pro, Apple has expanded its capabilities significantly.  The biggest improvements that this new operating system brings are mouse and trackpad support.

iPad Pro

It’s not just that, either. Apple has built iPad OS 13.4 to properly make use of a cursor. It’s not a traditional cursor that you see on Microsoft’s Windows PCs or Apple’s own macOS. Rather, it’s adaptive based on its context.

It appears as a small circle and depending on where you’re using it, it may highlight certain icons instead of just hovering over them. This gives greater clarity to the user as to what the cursor is selecting.

The mice and trackpad also have gesture support, so users can quickly pull down the control centre, bring up the dock or access the multitasking menu. You can also attach peripherals to the iPad Pro now, such as a USB hub or even an external display.

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Powerful CPU Allows For Intense Productivity

So, what’s the difference between the iPad Pro and a laptop again? The answer would’ve been “performance”, but the A12Z Bionic chip that powers this machine would beg to differ.

It’s more than capable of handling photo and video work. Apps such as Adobe Lightroom are better than ever to use thanks to the cursor. You combine that with Apple’s fancy new Magic Keyboard attachment, and you’ve got yourselves a sleek, powerful and lightweight laptop.

Price, The New iPad Pro’s Only Downside

The only hang-up that people may have in terms of the iPad Pro might be the price. For $799, you may be able to get your hands on a decent laptop anyway. The new Magic Keyboard will cost a few hundred dollars on top of that.

iPad Pro

Still, it’s impossible to argue that the iPad Pro is as close to a laptop that a tablet has ever been.