New Girl Season 8: Renewed or Cancelled?


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Will New Girl or Jessica return with her 3 roommates for season 8? Will the Fox comedy drama New Girl come back for season 8?

This is a comedy drama which revolves around the life of a young lady who is in her thirties along with her three roommates and their life changed when Jessica, a teacher enters into their apartment after breaking up with her boyfriend as he cheated Jess or Jessica over other girls.

The first season of this drama came on September 20, 2011 and run successfully for seven seasons? So, now the question is will the Elizabeth Meriwether show come back for season 8 or not? Is the season cancelled after providing 7 seasons to this comedy drama which ended on May 15, 2018.

New Girl Season 8

What do you think, what will happen if the show is back on Fox or not after airing 146 episodes?

When the show came for the first time, it was the funniest show on the network but started declining its viewership after releasing a few episodes of season 6.

But to provide a good ending to the show the drama was picked up for one more season and aired its final and last season 7.

This funny drama New girl was also nominated for many awards and won few of them but what about its season 8? Is it coming or not because some fans are curiously waiting to see its eight instalment.

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New Girl Season 8: Release Date

Unfortunately there is bad news that New Girl Season 8 is not coming back and it was cancelled because seventh season is the last and the final season which is renewed back in 2018 and from that time nothing official came out for its renewal by other networks.

Which simply means there is no New girl Season 8 this time.

Series Name New Girl Season 8
Genre Comedy Drama
Status Cancelled
Platform Netflix, Vudu, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV

Now the question comes to your mind: why was season 8 of this series cancelled? The answer to your question is that viewership of the series began to fall after the start of the sixth season.

In the beginning the show earned good mixed reviews and ratings are also high but there is a time when people demands change and they wanted different story, or new series and in this series the time started from sixth season from where fans are not liking the series very much like its previous seasons due to which viewership started to decline.

And from this season it was decided by the network to end the series by giving a proper ending and not airing more episodes of this drama.

So it was decided to make season 7 and end the drama with a perfect ending in 2018.

New Girl Season 8: Story

There is no plot for New Girl season 8 because the show is cancelled for season 8 as it was clear from other sources that seventh one is the last and the final season which came in 2018.

New Girl Season 8

And from that time showrunners didn’t make another season.

If you are reading this article then you should know the story of the New Girl series which revolves around a high school teacher named Jess or Jessica who is in her thirties.

One day she came to know that her live-in partner or her boyfriend is cheating on her so she made the right decision to leave him.

She takes her things and moves out from that place and goes to an apartment where she meets 3 male friends or roommates who are Nick, Schmidt and Winston.

Three of them are good but hopeless to know what they will do in their future but their life turned when Jess entered their apartment and they all shared and talked about them and lived their good life as she is a bubbly nature woman.

In the final season you see that all live together as a family member where Jess and Nick are together along with Schmidt and Cece taking care of their daughter Ruth while Winston and Aly baby is coming to this world.

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Is There Any Trailer for New Girl Season 8?

No, there is no trailer for season 8 as seventh is the final season of this series and if any update comes for this drama then we will update this section.

Here is the trailer for the seventh season of New Girl.

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