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New Batman Game: Title Rumors, Release Date, Gameplay, And Updates.

Good news for all the DC Franchise Batman lovers as a new Batman Game is all set to release pretty soon. Read ahead to know more.

Title Rumors

The fans have been waiting to know the title of the new Batman game. However, WarnerBros developers have not mentioned anything until now. But fans are making assumptions about what the Arkham Group will keep the new title.

Arkham Knight was the name of the game which was launched four years back. Furthermore, after getting some E3 2019 leaks, fans are believing the new game might be named as “Arkham Legacy.

New Batman Game
The Batman

However, nothing is made official yet by the producers and it is just an assumption made by its fans universally.

Expected Release Date

The official release date of the new Batman game is not out yet. WarnerBros planned to release the game in E3 2020 Summit this year. Both, Harry Potter RPG and Batman games were planned to be released together.

However, the E3 Summit 2020 is called off due to coronavirus. The famous gaming event held in San Francisco, United States was called off by the organizing committee due to the coronavirus outbreak.

As a result, we don't know now when will the game be released. Furthermore, the fans should expect the game to be released probably next year now in 2021.

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Expected Plot New Batman Game

We know very little about what the story is going to be in the game. But the supervillain group will have a major role in the game. Furthermore, the Court Of Owls, a villainous group will appear in the game.

New Batman Game

The Court Of Owls has given birth to a lot of crimes in Gotham City. Furthermore, this group will be fighting with the famous Batfamily. The Batfamily will have to clear out the villainous group to bring peace back to Gotham City.


Since the game is set to release next year, it will be available on a next-generation gaming console. The game will launch on Xbox Series X and Playstation 5. Furthermore, it will also release on Microsoft Windows.

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