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Never Have I Ever Season 2: Plot | Release Date

Never Have I Ever is an American coming of age rom-com created by Mindi Kaling and Lang Fisher. The show has Maitri Swaminathan as Devi the protagonist and the story is centered on her high school life and its struggles. Never Have I Ever Season 2  is a must watch.

The show has become a massive hit for its originality, unapologetic portrayal Of Indian culture in a Foreign country, and people being able to relate their miserable high school ordeals. The awkward and funny moments of the show set the tone of the narrative and don’t let seriousness get in the way. 

Devi’s Indianness, her family, her difficult relationship with her mother, — every pillar of the story has been explored thoroughly yet with the help of comedy. Showrunner Mindy Kaling once again explores the deeply rooted ideas of ethnicity, cultural perceptions, and identity through brilliant use of laughter and comical approaches in a way only she can. 

Read to know more about this unapologetically different family and their journey in a different country.

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Plot of Never Have I Ever Season 2 

The story starts when Devi goes back to school after losing her father. 

Devi is now a sophomore who has decided that her social status has to be elevated to cool. To achieve this, she tells her two besties Fabiola and Elenor that she wants Paxton as her boyfriend. Paxton is the popular guy in school. She also has a nemesis called Ben with whom she keeps into delightful fights. 

Devi and therapy

Season 1 shows Devi battling through her sense of grief over losing her father. She loses her ability to walk as a sign of failure to process grief. She just stops walking. This may be seen as a symbol of her life stopping just like her steps. 

Devi’s session with her therapist is a delightful watch. They both are funny, easily communicate, share laughs, and kind of promote mental health awareness. If we need it, we should get it. 

Niecy Nash as Dr. Jamie Ryan has done a marvelous job. Sweet and funny, she sweeps you off right on your feet. 

Devi in Never Have I Ever Season 2 

featuring devi, eleanor and fabiola from never have i ever season 2
Featuring the coolest best friends.

Devi is the protagonist of the Netflix comedy Never have I ever. She is an Indian American growing up in the US. She is funny, at times awkward, definitely sassy, daringly thirty, and deeply caring. Her character is too real to ignore. Sometimes she expresses her insecurity openly. The interaction between Devi and Paxton successfully catches Devi’s vulnerable side – 

Never Have I Ever season 2 is just around the corner, and based on the show’s fresh new teaser, there’s a future to look forward to.

Devi is played by Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, a shy 15-year-old who is attempting to make the most out of her school experience by ascending the society pyramid obtaining a partner, and attending parties while evading her domineering mother. 

Most of the time Devi is shown as a confident person who just wants a little bit of excitement in her life. The comedy thrives on the dichotomy of who Devi inherently is and who she wants to become. The fact is Devi is a good person who is tempted to become the ” Queen Bee ” of her class. She wants to score well, be in a relationship with the guy she has a crush on and she wants to go to Princeton. Elenor and Fabiola are her besties.

In season 2, Devi steps into the new phase of her life with two guys who seem to be into her and an unexpected new obstacle. 

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Paxton Hall Yoshida 

Paxton is Devi’s crush. He is the typical popular guy hanging out with the cool club and flirting around. Devi often tries to talk to him and gets tongue-tied. She seems a bit haphazard around him. Initially, she doesn’t seem to care. But later on, they seem to kiss and put on makeup. 

Ben Gross

Ben is Devi’s classmate and her rival competitor. They seem to have odd chemistry between them. Their verbal banter is enjoyable and strangely real. 

With him, Devi is her usual sassy and sharp self. She is unapologetically real and isn’t afraid to express herself. 

Later they seem to develop a bond. Ben lets his caring side come out. Gets noticed by Devi. The two share an intimate moment.

The BFFs

featuring devi and her bffs from never have i ever season 2
Showcasing Devi with her squad

Fabiola and Eleanor are the two closest friends of Devi. They put up with her sassy moods, her somewhat self-centered drama, her grief and they have been amazing all this time when Devi couldn’t walk. They love her. She loves them too but sometimes she mixes up her priorities and fails to show the love. 

Her group is a multicultural one. Subtly, it enhances the value of various cultures and races and they stand for a unified identity of being American. Having an Indian girl as a lead is a bold move but quite expected as Mindy Kaling’s name is associated with the production of the show.  

The Family thing 

After the passing of her father, Devi now has only her mother. In season 1, her cousin Kamala comes to live with them. There was talk of Kamala’s arranged marriage. 

Devi’s mother seems to love Kamala. She has a much easier relationship with Kamala than her daughter. Devi often feels suffocated by her mother’s overbearing Indian –self and how fiercely she reacts to normal things. 

Personality-wise, the mother-daughter duo is pretty similar than they would like to admit. They both are sassy, outspoken, caring, and not very good at communicating emotions. This creates distance in their relationship. 

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Maitreyi Swaminathan as Devi Vishwakumar 

Matreyei Swaminathan is indeed the star of the show. It is hard to believe that she possesses no training as an actor. Her effortless portrayal of High school student Devi, has earned fame and respect overnight. She is very natural and we hope to see her more in the coming seasons. 

What to expect in Never Have I Ever Season 2 

a still from never have i ever
Starring Devi from a scene of Never Have I Ever

 Season 1 had many interesting twists and turns. Devi got to be with both Paxton and Ben. In addition, she encounters an unforeseen challenge which makes her all worried. Nalini and her relationship with Devi seem to be up for change. Kamala too seems to choose her way. 

While we don’t know precisely what will occur in season 2 of Never Have I Ever, the teaser has provided us with a fair notion.

Devi is torn among her two prospective romantic interests, Ben and Paxton, as we scoop up where we stopped off in the series one finale.

And, in order to make the most out of her love position before her mother relocates her to India, she discreetly dates both guys. 

So a lot of new beginnings and lots of super awkward and funny Devi moments are in the upcoming season. 

Meanwhile, Devi is likely to feel intimidated by Aneesa, a local girl at class whom she considers to be “better and sexier” than her though who also seems to like Ben.

In terms of Devi’s pals Eleanor and Fabiola, the trailer didn’t reveal much about Eleanor’s forthcoming stories, but it appears that after coming out in series one, Fabiola will be having her own relationship.

It’s all really thrilling!

Lena Khan, who directed a few parts of the forthcoming series, revealed what’s in store for Devi later this summer.

Availability of Never Have I Ever Season 2 

The show is available on Netflix

Release Date of Never Have I Ever Season 2 

Knowing how restless the fans have been all this while, Netflix has released the date of Never have I ever.  It will be available on Netflix on 15th July 2021.


Never Have I Ever has been quick to gain immense popularity. A lot of Indian American students find it relatable and adore the funny take on high school life. A Comedic approach can be an important instrument to address many issues and that is one way to look at the show.  

Devi’s uncertainty between Ben and Paxton is also portrayed in the teaser, so that’s stuff we’re expecting to see.

Devi has also gone home, boosting the possibility of her returning to India.

The second season will be equally as great as Season 1, with so many unresolved issues that will be addressed.

As you are all caught up with the show, you can get a quick recap on Netflix where season 1 is available. For one thing, this one is a binge-worthy show. 

Now let us know if you’re looking forward to that as well. You may also stay connected with us for more events and real-time information.

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