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Netflix’s The Holiday Calendar Sequel: Is It HAPPENING?

After Netflix started its trend of releasing Christmas holiday movies for its viewers, people started to find more amazing collections of movies. There is no doubt that Netflix’s Holiday special always gets our attention and if anyone has been a constant lover of such films, there is no doubt that he has missed the Holiday calendar. After the movie was finished, the fans were eagerly waiting for the release of its sequel. 

The Holiday Calendar is a sweet, fun, rom-com movie that gets huge attention at the time of its release. Netflix landed the movie in the starting month of November and the movie has been one of the top lists on the Top 10 popular movies. 

The Christmas-based film centers around Abby and her charismatic life. One Christmas, her grandfather gives her an Advent Calendar that predicts all of her romantic dates with a doctor called Ty…

The film roams around her and her dreamy boyfriend which later becomes super confusing in her life but at the same time, the audience enjoyed watching her on the screen. The Holiday calendar is a Fun, charismatic, and enjoyable movie. Fans find this movie super exciting and that’s why they are wondering about the sequel. The audience is wondering whether Netflix will continue the release of their exciting Rom-com movie this year too. 

Fans are desperately hoping to hear the announcement regarding the renewal of the movie. So, Will Netflix renew the Holiday calendar? Fans are desperately hoping to hear more about the sequel. 

The Holiday Calendar Sequel: Will there be Another Part?

Netflix has always given a bunch of amazing holiday movies, whether it be thanksgiving, Halloween, or Christmas. It’s always great to watch such films with your family and friends during that time. The Holiday Calendar is surprisingly one of the most loved movies of the Christmas holiday theme and fans can’t get enough of it. 

As the ending of the film certainly ended on a cliffhanger, urging the fans to think about the possible future. Many things are left unsaid by the fans and it is devastating to learn about them. On the other hand, Netflix has not revealed anything regarding the movie. 

It would be too early to predict the future of the film, certainly knowing that the streaming platform has not yet renewed it. However, thinking about the possible cliffhanger on which the movie was left and the given popularity of the movie, I feel that it would be safe to assume that the Holiday Calendar will get a sequel. 

There is no doubt that Netflix will stop releasing their Holidays movies since the themes are already getting popular among the people and they don’t have any strong reason to stop doing that. We are waiting for the officials’ announcement and will make you learn about the upcoming updates.

The Holiday Calendar Sequel Release Date: When is it going to release?

Netflix’s Rom-Com movies have always garnered public attention. Call out any certain movie with a similar theme and you will find the Netflix huge popularity of the show on the streaming platform. Thinking of the same, Netflix is always eager to make sequels of their famous movies and we already believe that ‘The Holiday calendar’ is one of their priority lists. 

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Netflix always uses its Netflix best to make a potential movie that can be watched by the family and this year, they might have a list of specific movies. Let’s just hope that ‘The Holiday Calendar Sequel’ is in the category so that the fans can ultimately find out everything about it.

The good thing is, there is more to be said about Abby. This means that the officials have a reason to star the characters once again and develop the remaining plot for the audience. If the movie gets renewed, we assume that the Holiday Calendar will be happening in Winter, 2022. 

The Holiday Calendar Sequel Cast: Who will be back?

The Holiday Calendar Sequel

If there will be a sequel, we believe that Netflix will recast Kat Graham as Abby Sutton, a struggling photographer who doesn't have any fixed goal in her life. The original film ended the story of Abby's uncertainty with her future being open to being predicted. If there will be a sequel, it will go center around her. 

Along with her, Quincy Brown will continue his role as Josh Barton. He is Abby's best friend who later becomes her love interest. Also, we don’t know whether Ethan Peck as Ty Walker will continue his role since the character has already ended her role in the film.  

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Moreover, there will be Ron Cephas Jones as Gramps Sutton, Genelle Williams as Sarah Sutton, Kevin Hanchard as Rudolph Sutton, Laura de Carteret as Judy Sutton, Rodrigo Fernandez-Stoll as Fernando, Ali Hassan as Mr. Singh, Nicola Correia-Damude as Mayor Patricia Martinez, Romaine Waite as Mitch, and Harris Shore as Ralphie. There might be some fresh characters in the film which will turn the story differently. 

The Holiday Calendar Sequel Plot: What Can We Expect with it?

The Holiday calendar follows  Abby (Graham), a passionate photographer who is uncertain about her future. Being a photographer, she was already great for her and happy with her life but certainly, people won’t believe the same. Abby’s family lawyer tells her that photography can’t be their ultimate goal for her and it is more like a hobby than a stable career. She can't always click pictures to have the money and pay her bills.

One Christmas, her grandfather gifted her ‘The Advent Calendar’ that tells her specific dates with an adorable doctor. After finding out the calendar, her life turns upside down. 

The calendar introduces her to the most romantic and admirable guy in the town who will be the perfect match for her. However, she later finds out that it was Netflixher guy best friend that she loved the most. In the upcoming sequel, we will like to see how Baby gets in her life. Her motto in life is still unclear and she is passionate enough to find out what suits best for her. We believe that the sequel of the movie will follow Abby and her uncertain dreams which will finally tell her everything in life. 

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Anyone who is assuming that Abby and Josh will get married, I certainly believe that the movie hinted at more uplifting things regardless of marrying like the other holiday movie.

Unlike the Holiday calendar, we assume that the sequel will be a little more different and inspiring for the people to watch. It would be great to see what the officials are going to bring to the audience. 

Is there any official Trailer to watch?

Unfortunately, the official trailer has not yet been confirmed by Netflix. Until, the release of the first trailer, here is the trailer for the first season.

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