Netflix’s Teen Scream Collection: Enter If You Dare!



The nerve wrecking season is here. It’s time to binge on some truly spine chilling movies. If you are someone who is missing the Halloween vibe, then stream some horror movies on Netflix and feel the adrenaline. Keeping up with the Halloween spirit  Netflix has launched its Halloween treat “ ENTER IF YOU DARE” collection. The name of the category is TEEN SCREAMS. As the title gives a hint,  this category is  filled with horror thrillers which can make you feel running for your life. 

Now, all of you must be thinking about the movies that can make you scream at the top of your lungs. Let’s navigate deep down the page and get a complete list of movies and series in this screaming category.

Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight

Night Teeth

No Escape Room

Family Blood

The Privilege

The Silence


Ouija: Origin of Evil


Viking Wolf


The Craft: Legacy


Texas Chainsaw Massacre


We Have a Ghost

Death Note

A Quiet Place Part 2


The Babysitter: Killer Queen

There’s Someone Inside Your House

Insidious: Chapter 3


Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight 2

Prom Night

Killer Book Club

The Babysitter


Fear Street Part 1: 1994



Pagpag: Nine Lives

Fear Street Part 2: 1978


Secrets in the Hot Springs

The Rope Curse

Fear Street Part 3: 1666

Now, we got the exclusive list of the collection, why not dig deeper into the featured movies ? Let’s get started without any further delay.

The Fear Street Trilogy

The collection boasts three consecutive  super hits and the critically acclaimed The Fear Street Trilogy. The trilogy explores various subgenres of horror, particularly the slasher and supernatural subgenres set in different ages of time. The overall story of the trilogy revolves around a group of  teenagers who work to break the curse that has been over their town for hundreds of years. The films are based on a book series of the same name written by  R. L. Stine.

Netflix's Teen Scream Collection Enter If You Dare

After finding a ghost with a murky past haunting their new house, a family becomes internet sensations, and guess whose family it is. Anthony Mackie, who played Falcon in MCU. Watch the story of a family who is at the target of a ghost and of a shadowy government agency. Watch WE HAVE A GHOST only on Netflix.

Waiting for more thrills? Then catch  old horror thriller movies and where you can watch them straight away on our website.

Can a game board be possessed by the spirit? If you want an honest answer, then watch Ouija: Origin of Evil only on Netflix. The two instalment franchise explores the story of 5 friends trying to communicate with their dead friend. The Ouija board communicates with them and a series of lies makes the group release an evil spirit. One by one, everyone gets possessed and is killed. Watch the story of a mouth-sewn girl who is the host of the evil spirit in Ouija.

Another dose of action packed  horror genre is the NIGHT TEETH. Watch the story of A young driver who picks up two mysterious women for a night of party hopping in his cab. But when his passengers reveal their true nature, he must fight to stay alive.

If you want to enjoy Polish series and that too with multiple language support, there is something  for you too. Thrillers like Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight part 1 and 2 are waiting for you to hit the play button. A group of techie teens must face a sinister force, who intends to take them offline forever. 

Watch the classic horror thriller Scream on Netflix. This slasher franchise revolves around a group of people who use ghost-face masks to stalk and kill their victims. The entire franchise has grossed over a thousand million dollars so far worldwide.

The 2018 super horror movie that shows the life of a former addict who moves to a new city with her children for a fresh start, but her struggle soon takes on an unexpected, supernatural dimension. Will she be able to protect her family? Check out Family Blood  only on Netflix.

Dive into the entire collection on Netflix by clicking here for a Complete Roadmap for the ENTER IF YOU DARE collection on Netflix.

Let’s move to another destination of horror filled genres and our next stop is Japan.

The movie Re/Member revolves around the life of six high school students who are  stuck in a murderous time loop and must find the scattered remains of an unknown victim to break the curse and finally live to see another day.

We have now reached the bottom. This collection will chill your bones down to the core. So, if you are watching the collection be prepared for scary chills throughout the day. Browse through the collection TEEN SCREAMS only on Netflix. 

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