Netflix’s 40 Years Young Review: Stream It or Skip It?



You must have heard the quote, “Age is just a number” and already seen how people, despite being young or Young go through hard work and achieve a lot of things in their life. Well, if you are one of those people who is wondering about themselves getting Young and not achieving any of your dreams then don’t worry, as I say, “age is just a number” and this will get clearer when you watch a 40 years Young movie. 

Director Pietro Loprieno has asked this question to his fans through his latest movie. We know that no one likes to grow Young but there is beauty in every age. Every phase of life comes with its sufferings and joy which should be enjoyed by the person. Starring Erick Elias as César, a prominent chef who enters a culinary competition with his business partner and best friend Paolo (Adam Ramones).

As we move through the story, we feel that the joyous competition is not the same anymore, instead, it has a bunch of other emotional and devastating truths which make the competition more rigorous. The competition starts smoothly until things are revealed about Caesar’s life which makes everyone shocked. 

The audience appreciated the story however the movie went badly in the critic’s ratings. There have been a lot of questions that were put forward by the critics and in this article, we’ll be going to review the show in its way. Here is everything that you need to learn about 40 years Young. Continue reading this article to find out everything. 

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40 Years Young Review

40 Years Young

You can either watch the movie with great interest or not like it at all. 40 years Young is one such movie that will give you great joy in life. The movie is colorful yet so flat on the surface. The storyline is great but it looks so simple as you move forward with things. There are times when you will find great interest in the movie. 

40 years Young is one of those movies which will either make your life change or make you think of different ways or you won’t like it at all. Personally, the movie was surreal and filled with different twists and turns. The storyline of the movie was basic but it will still give you joy. The direction of the movie attracts the audience and the performance of the character marks a great success. It adds perfect elements that cover the whole story and bind it more purely. 

Moreover, the storyline is a little too simple and sometimes predictable. These days, viewers are more into complex storylines which give them thrillers but that’s not the case with those movies. Anyone who is waiting for the movie for a long time can get disappointed, it has a lot of things that can be taken positively. However, at the same time, the movie didn’t run according to many people’s expectations. 

The storyline can be more diversified and if the creators wished to move the story, they can make more different and unique strings from it.

On a positive note, if you watched this movie without expecting much, you will like it. It is an individual movie and the viewers should think of it as its own. The simple storyline is everything and takes your heart. Of course, the movie doesn’t have the twists and turns that we all have loved in recent years, it is simple, simply good. 

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40 Years Young: Is it Worth watching?

40 Years Young If you are one of those people who loves Chef or The Hundred-Foot Journey then this movie is just for you. If you are coming here to expect a lot from the movie then sadly, this movie will disappoint you. A big foodie like me will take a chance and explore the film through the eyes of the director. It has brought a different joy to look at such movies. However, the movie, despite portraying food, chefs and restaurants never felt like over to us. 

If you ask me whether you should go for the movie or not then I would say you should give the movie a try. It adds a simple flavor and blends it well. It is such a charismatic movie that will open a different world for the viewers. Though the movie is compact with everything that you wished to watch, it is still worth watching. 

40 Years Young: Stream it or Skip it?

40 Years Young

The movie is a mixture of drama, fantasy, comedy, and a hint of Romance. If you are someone who is into this kind of genre then go forward to watch it. As I have already stated that the movie is simple and elegant, it doesn’t have any powerful dialogues or some energetic drama that excites you, it rather has a simple and pleasant approach. 

If you are thinking that the movie is one of those films that will change your mind and make you think about your age and your upbringing then sadly it won’t. The movie is just like an idea of the director that encourages the person to move forward. It shows how, despite being 40 years old, the chef has the powers and dedication. The movie shows how life is not about getting old but about living every bit of it. 

There is one thing for sure the movie will inspire you in general. It doesn’t have super motivating powers but it will make you feel something different. The movie also makes you laugh through the funny moments but also makes you guilty to think about how people are actually in their life. There are various elements and one of them is how people can be so disgusting that they can do anything to achieve what they desire, including the main character.

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Where Can I Watch the Official Trailer of the Movie?

The movie was already released on March 10, 2022. However, there is no official trailer to watch. You can stream the movie on Netflix and even watch the trailer on the same platform. 

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