Top 10 Popular Shows and Movies on Netflix in April 2022!


David Mudd

Top of today’s list is Anatomy of a Scandal.

However, despite the fact that it is primarily forgettable, Anatomy of a Scandal is still the top show and movie on Netflix, surpassing The Ultimatum (at No. 2) and Bridgerton, which are both ranked No. 2. (No. 3). It’s possible that the fact that Better Call Saul’s sixth season began on AMC last night had something to do with it moving back up to No. 5 since yesterday, and you should definitely stop reading this and go watch it right now instead of continuing reading this (Season 6 will hit Netflix at a later date, if the pattern holds). Currently, the sole new addition is the Nickelodeon animation The Fairly OddParents, which has the advantage of appealing to both the kid in your life as well as the nostalgic twenty-something.

Who knows, maybe one of the Netflix Top 10 series or movies is genuinely worth your time. We go down the whole Netflix Top 10 list and walk you through the process of deciding what to binge watch and what to skip watching. As with Netflix’s top ten TV shows, we do the same for Netflix’s top ten movies, as well. Besides that, we have recommendations for the 50 best Netflix movies to watch right now, as well as the 50 best Netflix television episodes to watch right now.

Based on Netflix’s top ten most popular videos.

Anatomy of a Scandal.

Bad spouses and the judicial system in the United Kingdom | Is it a decent system? It has an excellent cast and will keep your attention throughout.

Top 10 Netflix Today

This miniseries covers the media circus that erupts after it is revealed that a member of the British Parliament (Rupert Friend) has had an affair, which ultimately leads to the discovery of far more sinister truths. The show is created by David E. Kelley, who previously created the hit television series Big Little Lies and is consequently familiar with storylines about characters who have something to hide. (The previous day’s ranking was 1)

The Ultimatum: Marry or Move.

Partner switching, schadenfreude, and lax rules are all possibilities. Is it any good? It’s a highly addictive muddle.

To finally make some money, Netflix’s new strategy is to cancel your favourite shows while simultaneously producing as many low-budget reality shows as it can. The Ultimatum, a dating show in which couples with one person ready for marriage and the other not are paired up with other couples who have the same problem to determine if marriage is right for them, or something, is proof that the streamer is okay with any and every dating show. Things get out of hand quite fast, and people start screaming at each other! After that, they make each other proposals. What exactly is this show? And why can’t I seem to get myself to quit watching? (Yesterday’s position was number two.) [The Best Dating Reality Shows to Watch] [The Best Dating Reality Shows to Watch]


A period romance with a contemporary sensibility | Is it good? : overwhelmingly positive

Shonda Rhimes’ production company has created two complete seasons of Regency-era romance, gossip, and dresses, all of which have been given a golden touch by the show’s producer.

Season 1 follows Daphne (Phoebe Dynevor) and her courtship of the reluctant duke Simon (Regé-Jean Page), as well as their steamy on-screen sexploits that helped the show gain widespread popularity in the 1800s London setting. Season 2 follows Daphne and her courtship of the reluctant duke Simon (Regé-Jean Page), as well as their steamy on-screen sexploits that helped the show gain widespread popularity in the 1800s London setting.

With Anthony (Jonathan Bailey) and Kate (Simone Ashley) as the focus of Season 2, the push-and-pull romance is a joy to witness. Here’s what we thought about it. (The ranking from yesterday was 3) [Episodes of Bridgerton and other shows]

Married At First Sight.

Weddings, crazy people, and craziness | Is it any good? The quality of it is actually rather good.

For those who think The Ultimatum is too wild, how about seeing Married at First Sight? During the course of this reality series, two complete strangers are brought together and convince them to get married on the same day they meet for the first time. The show follows them in the aftermath as they get to know one another better, and after a few weeks, they decide whether or not to continue their relationship. Once you start watching, it’s tough to take your eyes off of it. It’s similar to other shows of this sort. (The ranking from yesterday was 4)

Better Call Saul.

It’s finally here: Better Call Saul Season 5 has arrived on Netflix, just in time for the show’s sixth and final season to begin on AMC. It’s been a long, long wait. It is in the early 2000s that we learn the origin story of Bob Odenkirk’s criminal lawyer Saul Goodman, who was then known as Jimmy McGill and attempting to get his profession off the ground.

Top 10 Netflix Today

A number of recognisable faces appear, such as Jonathan Banks’ Mike and Giancarlo Esposito’s Gus, as well as a slew of new ones who are just as vibrant, as is typical of the BBCU’s productions (Breaking Bad cinematic universe). This show is unquestionably superior, plain and simple. (The ranking from yesterday was 7).

Our Great National Parks.

The makers of Blue Planet II’s nature docuseries enlist Barack Obama as executive producer and narrator to take viewers on a world tour of national parks, including stops in Indonesia and Kenya, which hold special meaning for Obama personally. As a fan of sloths, you’ll enjoy this interview with former President Bill Clinton. Yesterday’s position was ranked 5th.

The Fairly OddParents.

One of the most successful Nickelodeon shows of the 2000s, this show aired from 2001 to 2017 for ten seasons. While Cosmo and Wanda strive to grant the wishes of a 10-year-old child named Timmy Turner (named after Timmy’s favourite cartoon character), they end up making the situation even more difficult for him. The show is a hit with kids and parents alike. Netflix has recently introduced a few back catalogue shows. (Wednesday’s rank was n/a).

Queen of the South.

When a drug cartel member she falls in love with is murdered, she is forced to depart her home country of Mexico, which is the setting of this crime series. In the United States, she establishes her own drug empire and becomes quite wealthy, but she also makes a lot of enemies. It was tenth place yesterday.

Choose or Die.

Top 10 Netflix Today

“Sex Education’s” Asa Butterfield stars in this nostalgic-heavy thriller about two coders who seek to earn money by playing a strange ’80s computer game. They discover that the decisions they make in the game have ramifications in their actual life. ” A literal portrayal of the fear that video games are harming the lives of children. (Last day’s standings: 6).


With the help of his former partner (Ed Harris), retired cop Samuel L. Jackson must find out what’s actually going on and how to get out of this sticky situation. The film stars Jackson as an undercover cop who’s now cleaning crime scenes after he’s retired from the force. Due to Renny Harlin’s choices, the film is a filthy little noir thriller that ultimately falls short of its potential. (Last day’s rank: 9)