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Netflix: Top 10 Feel Good Movies That You Should Watch


David Mudd

The best feel-good movies on Netflix

See, the definition of a ‘feel-good’ movie varies from person to person, so you can’t totally blame me. But I do have a list of jitter-worthy films that’ll make you smile, grin, giggle or better, wail. Okay, Okay, I’m kidding. Or am I? Here’s a list of top 10 Netflix movies you’d totally dig!

1.The Hundred-Foot Journey : 

The Hundred-Foot Journey

Showcasing the apparent battle between two insanely amazing restaurants, is this 2014 film. One is run by an Indian family, the other by a French one. As they try to dodge the competition, the film showcases immense finger-licking moments, bound to make you stay!

2. Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse (Netflix)


I remember watching this movie as a part of a substitute lecture back in my college days. Oh boy, such nostalgia! Following the story of Miles, a Mexican boy, who finds himself aligning with other Spider heroes(and heroines) belonging to different parallel universes. Getting the title of ‘The best-animated movie of the year’, this is sure to make you lure.

3. Step-Brothers:


The story, as the title suggests, follows the everyday shenanigans of two men with single parents who are suddenly bound to live together after their parents decide to get married to each other. With the ensemble cast acting their funniest, the slapstick humour is sure to live with you!

4. Wine Country:

Wine Country

Unquestionably, a movie with a cast that spells ‘Hilarious’. If you’ve watched Saturday Night Live, you already know what I’m talking about! A story about a group of middle-aged women having left for a vacation, pretty much on a wine-tasting tour, is a captivating watch for oldies and youth alike.

5. Moonlight: (Netflix)


How can we NOT mention the film that took home, 3 Oscar in a night? Remember the famous confusion on stage as to who won the award, La la land or Moonlight? I’m sure you do! It was among the most-watched videos of 2017 after all! So basically, Moonlight follows the life story of a black man growing up in Miami, finding guidance in a man who used to supply drugs, per se. An absolute perfection, filled with self-discovery and competence, Moonlight will fill you with peace and composure.

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6. The Theory Of Everything:

The Theory Of Everything

Stephen Hawking, an excellent out of the world astrophysicist, while a college student, realizes, he is suffering from a motor neuron disease and that he has barely 24 months to live. At a tender age of 21, he, along with his fellow collegemate, who he falls in love with, Jane Wilde, break through every odd and study science in a way like no other.

7. The Spectacular Now:

The Spectacular Now

With a cast having won Academy awards for their outstanding performances in respective movies, comes another mind-boggling teen drama. Following a plot of everyday-happenings in the life of a twisted family, the movie comes off as ‘relatable’ to a lot of people out there. Discovering oneself, life as it comes and love, The Spectacular Now stands out as being decently amusing.

8.Silver Linings Playbook:

Silver Linings Playbook

A story about Pat and Tiffany, both dealing with problems of their own, finally coming together to form an unexpected bond of understanding, empathy and love, this movie makes you reflect back at all your past nuances, experiences, joys and regrets.



Nu-uh, don’t mistake Tramps to be your usual rom-com drama! A story about two people, with dreams and aspirations of their own, bump into each other as a result of a briefcase-exchange gone wrong. And this couldn’t have been better! Watch them spend 2 days together through the streets of New York, lying about their lives and eventually falling in love in an unexpected manner. Sweet indeed.

10. Dangal: (Netflix)


A wrestler father, yearning a gold medal, decides to train his 2 daughters and guide them in order to ultimately win the commonwealth games, Dangal makes you realize the power of parenthood, relationships, liberty and struggle.

I’m hoping you’ll have a good time! Enjoy the quarantine and stay safe, folks!