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Netflix: The List Of Shows And Movies You Would Have To Wait Longer Than Expected For


David Mudd

There are a lot of movies and shows that we wanted to watch this summer. Unfortunately, it will not be possible now. All the shows that were either in the production or shooting stage will not release anytime soon. Netflix stopped shooting for the show, and they will resume after this pandemic ends.

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The List Of Netflix Movies And Shows That Are Delayed:

  1. The Witcher: 

    This Netflix series will start shooting again after this virus leaves its place. The show stars Henry Cavill in the lead role and is one of the most popular shows on Netflix.

    the witcher

  2. Stranger Things: 

    Shooting for season 4 is on a halt and will now start later. The makers have already released a trailer for the show, and they might face loss because of this.

    Stranger Things

  3. Peaky Blinders: 

    The most loved show of the UK Peaky Blinders had to stop too. The situations in the UK made them take this step. They will have to wait for sometime before they can start again.

    Peaky Blinders

  4. Red Notice: 

    This film was under production. But we don’t know when we will able to see this movie. Ryan Reynolds is one of the main actors, and people wanted to see this movie desperately. Unfortunately, we will have to wait until everything is healthy again.

    Red Notice

  5. The Walking Dead: 

    This is a massive AMC series. The Walking Dead got a lot of appreciation since its first season. This series was already in production. But due to the pandemic, everything got a delay until further notice. 

The Walking Dead

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When Can We Expect These Movies And Shows?

The way situations are, we are not sure about this. There are chances that it will now come one year later than its original release date. The economy is crashing; the delay in release dates of movies and shows came with a significant loss.

It will be tough for the producers to start everything back again from scratch. The world is on its knees, and we are not sure how long will it take to stand up again and walk. We need to be patient in this hard time.

Let’s follow all the guidelines released by WHO and keep ourselves and the ones around us safe. This is the only time when fighting together means staying away from each other.