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Netflix : Streaming Platforms Made To Go SD As Internet Is Under A Huge Demand oad


David Mudd

Now an unprecedented load is demanded on the Internet because of the novel coronavirus. It increased the usage of Internet users. So, authorities are putting pressure on streaming platforms. Netflix and other streaming platforms are asked to switch into the SD streaming during the periods of peak demand.

Other than those who work in critical fields are already asked to work from homes. It makes millions to do their job at the home through the Internet. Streaming platforms are going to stay on standard-definition streaming until the COVID-19 is over.


Moving From High To Low Definition (Netflix)

Moving from HD to SD will help to reduce the load on the Internet. The load pressure and the increased traffic together makes the whole network slow. Streaming platforms have been asked to reduce the quality to the standard definition at least in peak usage times. Although, it may happen only in the areas where Internetwork gets affected by load pressure.

This decision will help to secure the telecommunication infrastructures. Besides that, it will help to give the best service without disruption. Many of the application providers already started it. They started to provide their content in this way. Authorities say that this will be a responsible thing to do now.

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Telecom operators are also asked to take similar steps. It will help the services to mitigate the impacts. Some European countries already reported a 50% surge in Internet traffic. It is because of increased home Internet usages. This is the increase of the people logging on the Internet. They all use it from their home networks. This growth is expected to increase in the coming weeks.

Tips For The Users 

Authorities asked users too to make responsible use of the Internet. Users can change their settings into low data consumption modes. Besides, they can choose low data contents whenever possible. If you are using the Internet for passing the time, then use it responsibly.


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