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Netflix Original:The Society,What Does The Plot Entail? Is There A Trailer?


David Mudd

The Society Season 2: When Will It Air? Cast, Plot, Trailer and What Are the Exciting Fan Theories?

So as you all most probably know it,The Society is an urban mix of the 1954 book ‘Lord of the Flies’.

The only difference being that this smells of teen spirit and the usual American/England high school drama.

I mean,it’s obviously not worth watching if it’s not about a group of teen stuck in an undesirably frightening place,is it?

Netflix Original

Needless to say,The Society had taken the world of viewership by surprise right after it was air for the first time on May 10th,2019.

With a gripping set,unquestionably powerful teen-adult cast,and a plot as smooth as butter,there was no way they’d have failed.

The Society

Smells The Same?

The Society mirrors Lord of the Flies a little too much as far as the plot is concerned.

Primarily,in Lord of the Flies,the characters,after coming to terms with their plan crash,land on a stranded island.

The Society shows the story of a group of teenagers muddling with whatever little is left around them after their trip go awfully downhill.

They are devoid of any authority,guiding them through their hustle for the most vital element-existence.

What Leads On In The Society

So,after a bizarre bus ride when the teenagers are drop back home,they realize everyone in their down has disappear!

Now they have to basically grind through the resources,whatever little is left,and try to sustain over there.

In other words,they have to subsequently start their own civilization.

Can you wonder how tough a task it is?

The Society

Plot Ending In The Society Season 1

Initially,we see Gordie hinting us that these teens were not actually in West Ham because of the shape of the moon,and calls it New Ham.

In the last scene,we see Allie’s mother reading to a few children next to the memorials of the teens.

Twist Entails

So what we can decipher is that the teens were probably killed in their camping trip and all of this was happening in their life after death.

More so,a parallel universe,i’m assuming?

Or maybe this is all an experiment,drafted by their parents and members of the town for some superior motive.

Rings any bells?

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The Trailer

The Society

All said and done, the trailer of the much-awaited show was supposed to drop by May,but I barely think it would happen.

Stuck at home because of the death-defying pandemic, fans are jittery to watch the second season!

Even though there hasn’t been a trailer out, an announcement video, kind of a like a teaser, has been dropped by Netflix.

Pretty evident of a season renewal?

Production of The Society season two started in 2019, and it had been announced back on April 2 that we could anticipate it in “overdue 2020”.

However, It doesn’t look like a new season will be dawning upon us anytime soon.

Such a substantial number of people are now investing far more time in our homes and we are dying for a season renewal. After all, this is the only ‘fun’ we can apparently have!